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Window Design - Sliding Aluminium Window Or Two-Leaved Glass Window?

Sliding aluminium windows are a beauty to behold. And they seem to be the design in vogue as at the time of this writing.

Every modern home now incorporate sliding aluminium as part of the window design.

Once upon a time, two-leaved glass windows were popular. But not anymore. Sliding aluminium windows now outshine the old two-leaved window design by a wide margin.

What should you use in your design?

It's up to you because each has advantages. Your choice may also be influenced by your taste, preferences, or desire to conform.

The advantage of the sliding aluminium window is that it's classy, modern, and tasteful. In contrast, the two-leaved glass window is an archaic, old-school window.

The advantage of the two-leaved glass window is that it does not obstruct the flow of air into the apartment because it opens outward.

On the other hand, at least 50% of the width of the sliding window stays in the path of airflow even when the window is wide open.

So, what's your choice? Will you go classy or functional? Sliding aluminium windows or two-leaved windows?

The choice is yours to make.

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