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Where Can I Get Super Fast Internet Connection in Lagos Nigeria?

by samson

Where Can I Get Super Fast Internet Connection in Lagos Nigeria?

It is 6.43am on Tuesday September 6 2011. I have been up since 4.30am trying to send a mail, see what's up with my Facebook friends, and respond to business emails.

Why was I up this early?

It's because my internet connection disappointed me last night.

I needed to send a crucial business email to a client and my internet modem just could not connect me to the internet.

How frustrating!

There was no signal at all. I tried moving from room to room in hopes that I could get reception if I changed my position. But no result.

I was really pissed up and went to bed.

This morning I was up early to try and send the email.

Fortunately, signal was back. But, boy! I didn't know sending just one email could be so so stressful!

I waited and waited for the page to load. My Firefox browser kept saying 'try again'. Internet explorer kept saying, "page not available offline". And the Opera browser couldn't even open Facebook.

Bottom line.

I had to stick with Firefox browser and kept clicking the 'try again' button again and again, waiting patiently until my Gmail box finally opened.


But that was just the beginning. There was more waiting to come.

To cut a long story short, I was finally able to send the email after about 40 minutes of struggling internet connection.

How Did I Get Stuck With This Terribly Slow Internet Connection?

Believe me, I have used a wide array of internet connections . . . internet modems and internet services from different internet providers in Lagos Nigeria.

In the good old days I used Intercellular. When Starcomms came along, I changed company and went with Starcomms.

My first Starcomms internet connection was a dial up connection that just did not deliver when it mattered. So, I upgraded to Starcomms Izap. That was sometime in 2008.

Unfortunately, my Izap purchase came when I was living in the outskirt of Lagos.

What I discovered later was that Starcomms broadband service was yet to get to my part of Lagos. So, I had a broadband service that couldn't function as broadband but instead only worked as the same dial-up connection I had earlier.

So, I migrated to Zain 3G connection (now Airtel 3G).

This sort of coincided with my relocation from the far outskirt of Lagos to the 'near outskirt' of Lagos . . . Ojodu Berger.

My office was in Ikeja at the time and the Zain 3G connection was fast, with download speed of up to 30 mbps.

However, when I was at home where I did all of my personal internet work, the 3G service became GPRS service. Yes, you guessed right . . . the internet speed crashed with that change in service.

Bottom line.

I didn't renew the following month because I paid for 3G and I was getting GPRS most of the time, too slow for my liking.

I decided to try Glo 3G.

Yes, this was fast!

However, I faced the same problem . . . the GLO 3G many times changes from 3G to GPRS resulting in depleting of internet speed, NOT what I bargained for.

Since I was paying 15,000 Naira per month at the time, I didn't feel I was getting value for my money.

Guess what.

I went back to Starcomms Izap.

Since my location had changed, the Starcomms Izap started behaving like a Nigerian broadband service (I have no idea how fast an American broadband service is. Services have a way of depreciating when they come to Nigeria even though the name remains the same).

The Starcomms offer was a better deal for me since I was paying 15,000 Naira for 250 hours. And I used those 250 hours for about 2 months. That is an average of 7,500 Naira per month.

Faster service at cheaper price . . . that is the customer's dream.

So, I stuck with Starcomms. And I have remained a loyal fan of Starcomms internet service until this month.

You see, the Starcomms Izap internet service has provided fair service for a long while now.

There were times when Starcomms Izap was actually really fast. Most times it was just good, NOT great. But it served the purpose really well.

However, over the last one month, the Starcomms Izap speed has been gradually deteriorating. This came to a head last week.

In fact, the service has been terrible over the last one week.

My online efficiency has actually depleted by about 30-40 percent over the last one week due to terribly slow internet connection.

Since a huge percentage of my work happens online, this cannot be acceptable.

So, I decided to change my internet service provider when my package with Starcomms expired two days back.

This time I decided to try Zain (now Airtel) again since the company is now under new management.

First, I was told I will need to buy a new SIM card since the one in my previous internet modem has been out of service for 2 years. I did.

Thereafter I was told I will need to buy a new modem because the old modem was not receiving signal after the new SIM I bought was installed. So, I did.

The new Airtel internet modem cost me 5,500 Naira and the new SIM card cost 150 Naira. These were purchased in the Oba Akran Airtel customer service centre.

Soon, my Airtel Internet service was set up on my laptop and I was happy.

When I go home, I decided o catch up with all the work I couldn't do when my internet connection was abruptly terminated due to service expiry.

Imagine my shock when there was no connection, no signal available.

Think about it.

You just spent 6,650 Naira for a service and the service is unusable because there is no service.

Trust me. This is not a good way to retain a new customer and thousands more like him.

I tried everything. There was just no connection.

Then I went to bed and woke up this morning by 4.30am with the hope of getting some serious work done.

Guess what.

I ended up writing this long article out of sheer frustration because the Airtel internet connection I just bought was damn too slow.

I waited and waited and waited for the page to load.

It took me 40 grueling minutes to send one email!

Guess what.

The performance was even worse during daylight.

Slow internet = less work done = low productivity = frustration

This is a terrible way to work! I don't want to work like this!

I Want Super Fast Internet Service That Gets The Job Done And Fast!

I really really need a super fast internet service that gets the job done . . . and fast!

I want to click a link and have the page open almost immediately.

I want internet connection that is super fast.

Can you help me?

What internet connection are you currently using? How fast is it? What part of Lagos do you live?

Please share your experience.

Forget the hype. Forget the promo. Forget hearsay.

Just tell me what you use that works for you.

Tell me the internet service provider you use in Lagos Nigeria that works super fast. And tell me what you pay for the service every month.

Expecting your honest feedback.

Thanks a million.

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Sep 09, 2011
Telecom companies are ripping us off!
by: Abdul

The truth is that the telecoms companies in nigeria are ripping us off.

Why would any business person sell something that does not work?

That is fraud.

Let's suppose for a moment that reception or speed is dependent on location.

Then the telecoms companies should not sell to customers that live in areas where their service is terribly poor.

By deliberte selling to them, they are robbing them, just like armed roobbers.

This is criminal and should be addressed head-on by the regulating authorities.

The telecom companies are ripping nigerians off. period.

Sep 09, 2011
My internet connection is fast
by: Tola

I use IPNX and I live in surulere. My internet connection is reasonably fast.

However, my sister lives in Bariga and tried IPNX for awhile but soon abandoned it because she said it was too slow for her liking.

I understand my house is close to IPNX substation that is why it is fast.

I suppose it depends on where you live.

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