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What Drives You?

by Samson Itoje (07086459367, 08033290430)
(Lagos Nigeria)

I have a simple question for you today. And I humbly request that you take a moment out of your busy schedule to think about it.

The question is . . . What drives you?

Why do you wake up every morning and go to work?

Why do you go to work even when the TRAFFIC is unbearable and you feel like staying at home?

Why do you go to work even on days you're not excited about going to work?

If you're a business person, why do you go to your office or shop every day?

Simple answer . . . Money.

If you doubt that, ask yourself: "Will I still go to work if my company does not pay my salary for 12 months?"

If your answer is NO, then what drives you to work each day is money.

Most people go to work because their job brings the money to care for their personal and family expenses.

"No Job" means "No Money". And life is really tough for people without money.

So, even when people are NOT excited about their jobs or have a terrible boss they dislike so much, they still go to work every day.

Now think about this.

What was your salary last year?

What is your salary this year?

What percentage increment did your company give you at the close of the year?

5 percent? 10 percent? 20 percent?

Now, if you work for your company for the next 30-35years and finally retire, what will your company pay you as your retirement benefit?

Guess what.

Tens of workers were laid off about a year ago by one of the first generation banks in Nigeria and all they got was LETTER of termination PLUS one month salary.

Naturally, the workers who were laid off protested vehemently and were shown on TV carrying placards. And one of them claimed he had worked for the bank for 26yrs.

26 years!

26yrs of toiling and labouring for a company only to be told to go at a moment's notice. And then paid only one month's salary in lieu of notice.

This is serious!

Whatever it is you're doing right now, you need to STOP and think deeply about this.

What do you really want out of life?

Yes, you want money . . . that's why you go to work and toil every day.

But wait. How much money do you really want?

Are you REALLY satisfied with the 10-50% salary increase you get every year?

Would you be happy if the company you spend years labouring for suddenly slap you with a termination letter in the name of downsizing or re-engineering?

If you make it to retirement, would you be satisfied with being paid your one-year salary as your final retirement benefit?

STOP . . . and think about it.

Is that all YOU really want out of life?

What about job satisfaction . . . do you desire to have that?

What about being able to take a vacation any time of the year without first seeking the permission of your boss because YOU ARE THE BOSS?

What about residual income . . . income that keeps coming to you even when you're retired . . . would you like that?

If job satisfaction matters to you . . .

If residual and passive income matters to you . . .

If being in charge of your time and IN CONTROL of your life means a lot to you . . .

Then you should look beyond your job and start planning for retirement.

This is the time to invest in your retirement . . . a time to invest in a better life.


By using your money . . . and 1-2 hours a day . . . for a part-time business opportunity that has the potential to earn you as much as $1 million USD (or =N=160 million) per year.

That is huge!

So . . . Are You ready To Change Your Financial fortunes?

Would you like to MAKE MORE MONEY while WORKING LESS?

Call Samson on 07086459367 or 08033290430 to learn more.

Send him an sms or text message if the line is busy.

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