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Web site building software Nigeria - Most people who seek to create a website look desperately for a website builder that will guarantee that their online efforts will not be in vain. They want a website builder that will deliver their expectations.

What are the expectations of people who start online businesses?

Simple. They want an automated business that will generate targeted leads and paying customers to their business . . . an online business that will make them good money and enable them to have time freedom. A business that enables them to make a living doing what they love while also having quality time for their families.

In chapters 2 & 3, we saw that this is possible if you use a web site building software that uses the right process and tools.

If you missed that discussion because you came to this page through another site, simply click HERE to see the right process to build an online business. Then click HERE to learn about the right tools that you need to deliver the right process.

I concluded the discussion about the right tools by introducing to you the web site building software I use to generate income from my web sites. This software is is not just a website builder. It is a software that is focused on helping you build a long-term online business.

That software is called Site Build It! (SBI!)

What Is Site Build It!?

Site Build It! is an integrated suite of software for keyword research, site planning, site building, and site marketing.

SBI! helps you develop your business with your customers in mind. And since the online business you build is focused on the customer, your customers will find you online and do business with you.

Remember the right process?

It is S-B-C-P-P-T-M. And Site Build It is designed with this process. So it has all the right tools integrated together as one complete software. The purpose is to deliver a thriving online business for you.

Benefits of SBI!

when you subscribe to SBI! you get a free domain name with your order.

Other benefits include:

  • unlimited web site hosting space
  • unlimited bandwidth usage (you don't pay anything extra no matter how popular your site becomes)
  • State-of-the-net keyword brainstorming tool
  • Free website builder
  • Free web site building templates (no need for expensive designers)
  • Easy form builder
  • Free content 2.0 software for visitor content submission (visitors create pages for you!)
  • Free auto responder to keep in touch with site visitors
  • Automatic submission of your site to search engines like Google, Yahoo etc
  • $299 USD annual subscription fee (less than $1 dollar per day)
  • No hidden fees
  • No additional software required
  • No need to learn any programming language. It's simple point and click.
  • Wonderful support forum where users collaborate
  • Constant update but price stays the same
  • Simple to use interface, very user-friendly
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Written manual and video tutorials that takes you by the hand to learn the ropes
  • Large database of articles that teach you how to optimize your site fro profit
  • 90 days money-back guarantee

. . . and much more.

This is the very same software I use to build my web sites And my sites Make Money!

I make money from my real estate business and 98% of my clients come through my real estate web site.

I also make money from Google Adsense advertising program. And I receive my earnings direct into my bank account in Nigeria.

Bottom line.

Site Build It! works if you read the manual and follow the directions. And the directions are pretty simple and straightforward.

Want to build an online business that generate income automatically?

Want to use a web site building software that will guarantee that your labour is not in vain?

Use Site Build It! (SBI!) 

SBI! is the best web site building software available. Nothing compares to in terms of methodology, process, tools, and training.

What Result Can You Expect With SBI!?

Solo Build It! (SBI!) does not promise that you will get rich overnight. I did not get rich overnight with SBI!

Remember what I discussed with you in chapter one of this series? I will repeat it here.

Building an online business is no different from building a regular business offline. It takes planning, process, hard work, and commitment.

However, you also realize that if you committed to success but you're doing things the wrong way, success may elude you even though you are persistent. Why? Because you're persisting on the wrong path.

Solo Build It helps you avoid the guess work. SBI! helps you . . .

  • Develop the right concept that match your passion
  • Do proper keyword research to identify what your target market seek online
  • Develop a winning blueprint for your site based on customer needs Write customer-focused web pages for your site
  • Build pages that rank well with search engines
  • Promote your site appropriately and avoid keyword spamming (and other forms of spamming that could lead to search engines banning your site)
  • Automatically submit your site to search engines
  • Convert your visitors to paying customers . . . and more!

In simple words . . . Solo Build It! helps you create an online business, not just a web site.

The rigor of the SBI! process will ensure that you create a lasting long-term online business that generates profitable returns month after month.

No other web site building software can deliver this. About results. Wondering what results you can get with SBI! Well, I have told you my personal experience.

Click HERE to order SBI!

P.S: SBI! Offers a 90 day money-back guarantee. So, it's a RISK-FREE trial.

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