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Web site builder Lagos Nigeria - This section covers Online business software tools required to build a profitable web business in Lagos Nigeria and wherever you live in the world.  

In the last section, I discussed the right process to build a website in order to generate consistent leads or potential customers to any business, hobby, or cause you are involved with.

If you got to this page through another page or through another web site and therefore, have not read about the right web site builder process, please click HERE to read that article.

Now to the focus of this page . . . the right online business software tools to execute the right process flawlessly. Note that this goes beyond just having a web site builder.

The Right Software Tools

As discussed in the preceding article, the right process is . . . S-B-C-P-P-T-M







Now, here are the tools that you need to execute this process.

1. A keyword brainstorming software tool

2. A keyword analysis software tool

3. A page creation software

4. Search engine submission tool

5. Form creation tool

6. Newsletter / visitor follow-up software tool

7. Visitor content creation tool

8. Automatic site promotion tool

9. Monetization potential analysis tool

10. Web site collaboration tool (where users of the software collaborate to improve their earning potential)

The above summarizes the online business software tools you need to build a profitable online business.

Here's a very important point.

Any online business building company can put together any set of online business software tools. So, it's not just sufficient to have some of the tools, like the web site builder, they must all be present as one seamless whole.

Second, the software tools should not require you to learn any internet programming language before you can use them. Every aspect of the software must be WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get).

In simple words . . . the software should all be "point and click", no need to learn any programming language like HTML, CGI etc.


The simple reason is this . . . most people who come to the internet with the intention of finding the right web site builder to build heir online are not looking to become a software guru. They are businessmen of enthusiasts who simply want t promote their business, hobby or cause.

So, expecting them to learn some complex programming language won't sell. They just want a web site builder that is simple to use and simple to understand.

There is a third thing to remember. And that is . . .

The Tools Are Just Software With No Thinking Ability. You Need Knowledge.

There is one more thing to remember . . . the right tools are just software with no ability to think or act. So, no matter how good the tools are, there must be supporting knowledge base to make the tools usable by newbies . . . people new to the whole concept of web business.

What specific knowledge do you require to use the online business tools to execute the process?

1. Knowledge of how to analyze the data from your brainstorming exercise using the brainstorming software

2. How to write attention grabbing content pages

3. Techniques to promote your web site

4. How to monetize your web site for profit

If a company provides a set of online business tools but does not provide sufficient and simple to understand knowledge base that explains it all, then the tools provided will be worthless to you the beginner.

So, tools are good. But there must be user-focused knowledge to make it easy to use the software tools to execute the process.

Where Many Software Companies Fail
Their Customers

Many software companies online provide only a number of the tools you need to execute the process. But without the whole tools in one place and working seamlessly together as one, the average person is doomed to fail online.

For example, some software companies are fully into providing auto-responders to help people build ongoing relationship with site visitors. But what value is the auto-responder tool if you don't have site visitors?

Then there are companies that are solely into providing brainstorming tool to research your subject of interest. That is good but what happens after you complete your research?

Now suppose you can somehow buy all the small bits of a standard web site builder you need from different vendours, you will then need to study manual after manual from different vendours with different perspectives in order to get the components of the web site builder to function as one unit.

This is a terrible way to waste your time. And worst still, the chances of achieving the same level of success as someone with the right tools is slim.

Here's another reason not to go shopping for just any online business software tool or web site builder.

Many software companies do not get the net. They don't understand the right process and therefore do not design tools that are customer-focused . . . tools designed to execute the process and attract customers to your business.

In simple words . . . many internet business software are feature-rich but don't add value to your business because those who developed them don't develop them from a business perspective, your business that is.

So, why waste your time and money?

Wait. Where does this leave you? What should you do?

I recommend you use the same software that I use to drive thousands of visitors and potential customers to my business every day and every month.

This online business software tool that I use is built with your business in mind.

  • It follows the right process
  • It provides all the tools to execute the process
  • It provides the training to make the tools work for you
  • It does not require you to learn any internet language (it's all point and click with your mouse)
  • It's user-friendly and
  • It's focused on building you a business not just a web site

This is the very same software I use for my web businesses. so I'm not feeding you some theory.

This web site runs on the server of this software and has been running on the servers of this software since 2006.

Guess what.

This site, built with this smart business-focused online business software is growing steadily and so is the income from the web site.

What is this software I use?

It is called Solo Build It! (SBI!)

The next page explains what SBI! is all about. And why it works.

Click HERE for a concise review of Solo Build It!, the online business software that has helped me build a web business that make money.

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