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Water quality Lagos Nigeria - Drinking water quality is a concern when you travel from one location to another or when you relocate permanently.

The reason is obvious.

Intake of good quality water ultimately results in improved health. In simple words: when you consume good quality water you're likely to have good health because about 70% of the body content is water.

The reverse is also true. When you repeatedly consume poor quality water (or contaminated water), you are open to infection by water borne diseases.

The next natural question is: How is the water situation in Lagos Nigeria? What is the water quality here in Lagos? Is drinking water in Lagos really suitable for drinking?

This subject is of concern to you whether you are . . .

  • considering Lagos Nigeria real estate investing
  • posted to Lagos Nigeria as part of your company's career development planning program or
  • a tourist visiting Lagos Nigeria

    This is a valid concern because it is common knowledge that the earth is filled with water but only a small percentage of that is suitable for human consumption.

    A peculiar situation exist in Lagos, and indeed, in Nigeria as a whole.

    For instance, pipe borne water supplied by the Lagos state government utilities department does not reach the entire length and breath of Lagos. Even in areas where public water exist, the water is not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    This kind of situation is a threat to water quality because it means that every man virtually fends for himself.

    In practice, this means that each person goes in search of drinking water wherever they can find it. This has resulted in a situation where water business is big business in Nigeria.

    Right now, virtually every house has well water or borehole drilled by water drilling contractors often referred to as borehole engineers or borehole contractors.

    In cheaper houses in Lagos Nigeria where the landlord cannot afford to drill a water-well or borehole, the residents have to search for drinking water as well as water for bathing and cleaning from outside the premises.

    In a nutshell, houses with borehole now have a new way to make money . . . the landlords simply sell water to his neighbours at a price.

    If you're visiting Lagos as a tourist or on vacation, there's nothing to worry about.

    Every well managed hotel in Lagos have a borehole with water treatment facilities to guarantee clients access to clean good water quality for drinking purposes and for every other activity they care to use water for.

    Even short lets or vacation rentals, that are well managed, all have borehole water with good water treatment systems to guarantee good quality water.

    Bottom line.

    You won't experience any water problems in Lagos if you are lodged in a hotel or vacation apartment.

    However, if you are planning to invest in Lagos Nigeria real estate, remember to plan for a borehole for the property. Real estate value appreciates in the eyes of the potential tenant if the property has borehole water.

    As it is, Lagos has good quality water . . . drinking water that will quench your taste. This is supplemented by a barrage of bottled water from bottled water companies that ride on the temperate environment to turn in huge profits.

    What about houses that just have water wells and borehole but no treatment facility?

    Well, that is a danger that poor folks in Lagos have to live with. Hopefully, someday, the government will be able to meet the water needs of residents of Lagos.

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