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Waste Management Lagos Nigeria - Free Waste Disposal, Lawma Tips

waste management lagos nigeria

waste management lagos nigeria africa

Waste management Lagos Nigeria - Waste management or waste disposal has been a challenge for the Lagos state government for decades. The government has tried several strategy to manage the volume of waste generated in Lagos.

Many people in Lagos have adopted waste management or waste disposal through cart pushers because they are handy and it cost little to engage their services.

These cart pushers move from street to street looking for people who want to dispose waste. And they don't have to search for long.

In fact, people stand outside their homes waiting for cart pushers to pass by so they can transfer the waste they have generated over the last couple of days into the cart of these waste disposing medium for onward transfer to waste sites.

Who are these waste disposal people called cart pushers?

They are ordinary people in search of a way to make a living. Most waste disposal people who use cart to ship waste to dump sites are often people from the northern part of Nigeria. Most of them are uneducated and can hardly speak English.

Majority have come to understand the colloquial English spoken in Nigeria called Pidgin English. And they communicate with customers and potential customers using this language. Even those who neither understand good English or Pidgin English, understand 'money language' and can negotiate the price of their services.

To be fair to the Lagos state government, some concerted effort have been put towards waste management. Part of the government's effort to address the waste disposal challenge in Lagos gave birth to LAWMA, Lagos Waste Management Authority.

LAWMA is charged with the responsibility to ensure effective and efficient disposal of waste in Lagos Nigeria, both residential and industrial waste.

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LAWMA has come to terms with the waste disposal challenge in Lagos and realizes that huge amount of resources is needed to resolve the waste disposal problem.

Consequently, the organization came up with what is called the PSP program - Private Sector Participation in waste disposal drive.

With this strategy, organizations interested in investing in the waste disposal and management industry are required to register with LAWMA. They are then inducted on safe and efficient waste disposal strategies and the modus operandi of LAWMA.

These folks then get contracted as representatives of LAWMA in waste disposal.

The advantage of this private sector inclusion in waste disposal is this: the participating companies invest in waste disposal trucks, personnel, and other resources required to facilitate efficient and effective disposal of waste.

In return, the participating companies get paid as per the sharing formula agreed upon with respect to the funds generated from the waste disposal business.

This system obviously has worked for Lagos state as the heaps of refuse that use to decorate the streets of Lagos has lessened.

Certainly more needs to be done. But the PSP approach is a good sign of some creative thinking in the pipeline.

How does this relate to use?

The Lagos state government requires Lagos residents to stop patronizing cart pushers who dispose waste in a manner that is unfriendly to the environment.

The only recognized means of waste disposal in Lagos is through LAWMA and its participating companies.

If you desire to stay on the right side of the law, then partner with LAWMA to dispose of your waste . . . individual or industrial.

There is a penalty for not complying. Don't be the scape goat.

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