Ventilation And Windows - Don't Be Stingy With Windows

Ventilation and lighting are two key areas to watch out for when building your home.

To allow for good airflow and good ventilation, provide as many windows as possible. Ideally every room should have at least two windows for good cross ventilation.

It is true that you can buy air-conditioning units to manage the problem later. But hey, why burden yourself when you can do it right first time?

Besides, the average home owner cannot afford A/c in all the rooms in his house. And remember too that electricity is unstable. What will power the A/Cs? Generators for 24hrs per day?

It makes sense to provide as many windows as is practical for good ventilation and lighting.

I visited a friend who just got an accommodation some weeks back. He is practically weeping because the 3 bedroom flat he rented is like a hell house. The flat is extremely hot whereas the verandah is very airy.

Why is that so? Why is the air not coming in?

Not enough windows.

Don't make that same mistake. Be generous with windows!

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