Vacancy For Directors In A Multinational Company In Nigeria.
Sales Director Vacancy For Smart Business Leaders.

There is vacancy for directors in a multinational health and wellness company with headquarters in the United States of America.

This health and wellness company has a branch in Lagos Nigeria and has sales director vacancies for independent minded business leaders.

This vacancy for directors is for people who have money to invest.

How do you become a director?

It's pretty simple.

You join the company and build a team of independent distributors. Then the company pays you monthly on the total sales generated by your team.

Here's the amazing part.

You do not pay salaries to your team members. Your team members are self-driven highly motivated people selected by you and who earn a commission based on their total monthly sales.

So, you get to choose your people yourself. This is very much unlike those old-fashioned multinational companies in Nigeria where a director is stuck with a team of under-achievers who have little interest in the success of the company.

Benefits of Becoming A Director With This Health And Wellness Company

The benefits of joining as an independent sales director with this company is huge. And the benefits include:

1. You have complete time freedom

2. You get to choose your team of self-motivated independent distributors

3. You do not pay salaries to your team members

4. Your team can be as small as 1000 people or as large as 1 million people

5. You earn residue income (your income build even while you're on vacation)

6. You don't have a fixed salary. Your earnings grow monthly as your team grows

7. You get travel benefits

8. You get car bonus

9. You work anywhere you like (no office required and no need to show up for work at the company branch office in Nigeria)

10. You get recognition benefits and

11. You get an opportunity to get a fair share of 15% of the company's sales revenue month after month

Believe me, this vacancy for directors could be the best income opportunities to hit you this year.

Becoming a director with this company is one of the best things to happen to you this year!

Your Investment

Directors of this company invest in the company and build a team of active self-driven distributors who take the company's products to the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

Guess what.

When you're a director of this company, you're a global director NOT just a director in Nigeria.

The company currently has its operations in 14 countries and it's launching in another 30 countries in the next couple of months.

Does being a global director of a new generation company with headquarters in the U.S. appeal to you?

If yes, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

How much do you have to invest to achieve director status?

10.5 million Naira.

Are you giving this money to the company?

Of course not!

You're investing this money in building a team of 92 independent distributors who will work to grow your sales volume month after month. And you're investing in the products required by your team to generate the kind of income or profit margin you desire.

Expected Return On Your Investment

As a director, you will be investing about 10.5 million Naira over a period of 3 months. And your expected return over the three months is . . .

Your capital + 18% profit

Bottom line.

You invest about 10.5 million Naira and recover your investment PLUS make a nice profit of about 18 percent over a 3 month period.

This capital investment creates a team of 92 highly motivated independent distributors passionate about making a difference to their life. In the process, they make huge profit for you their director.

Touch People's Life In A Special Way

Do you have 10.5 million Naira just sitting idle in your bank account and earning less than 5% interest?

Would you like to use that money to create jobs for 92 people in your . . .

  • Church
  • Mosque
  • Social club

    . . . or community?

    Then you should accept this sales director opportunity.

    What have you got to lose?


    You get to build a team of 92 independent distributors who go ahead to expand your team to thousands of independent distributors . . . all working to grow your income month after month.

    Ready to make a difference in your community?

    Want to invest and recover your investment in 3 months PLUS make about 18 percent profit margin PLUS set in motion a sales network that could make your as much as 5-15 million Naira or more per month?

    Then fill the simple form below.

    P.S: Do not fill the form below if you don't have 10.5 million Naira to invest.

    P.P.S: if you apply for the independent sales director position today, you could win all expense paid trip to Las Vegas and the Caribbean.

    I Want To Become A Director

    Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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