UBA Bank Lagos Nigeria

uba united bank for africa lagos nigeria africa

UBA bank Lagos Nigeria - The acronym UBA stands for United Bank For Africa.

UBA recently merged with Standard Trust Bank. The merger resulted in adopting UBA as the post merger name and the former Standard Trust Bank (STB) logo as the post merger logo.

See the name and the logo in the building?

That is the new face of UBA!

uba bank lagos nigeria

UBA bank is one of the foremost banks in Nigeria. It offers modern services like . . .

  • online real-time banking
  • ATM services
  • Mastercard services
  • Moneygram money transfer
  • Western union money transfer
  • Mortgage services - own a home with ease
  • Investment banking
  • Retail banking
  • Microfinance banking

    . . . and a host of other services.

    Fraud Alert

    A good number of visitors have emailed me requesting information about someone who claims to work at UBA bank or some other bank in Lagos Nigeria.

    The truth is . . . fraudsters are everywhere in Lagos. This is not strange because Lagos Nigeria is a mega city and thousands troop in, in search of employment.

    Unfortunately, many are disappointed because jobs are not that easy to come by. In the end, many turn to fraudulent practices to make a living.

    This is a common feature of a good number of modern traffic jammed, employment-starved, and zero-social-service cities of the world.

    My advice?

    Be wary of doing business with anyone who request money from you to offer you some form of banking services.

    Always do business or carry out financial transactions with the official bank locations. And this applies to any bank whether UBA bank, Zenith bak, or any other bank in Nigeria.

    Be careful of fraudsters! Be vigilant!

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