Townhouses For Rent Lagos Nigeria - Free Tips To Rent Townhouses Or Build Townhouses

Townhouses for rent Lagos Nigeria - Townhouses come in various shapes and sizes in Lagos Nigeria. This section contains free tips to rent townhouses or build townhouses in Lagos Nigeria. The goal is to help you make the best choice and get good value for your money.

Let's start by understanding how townhouses are structured in Lagos Nigeria.

As you will see from the picture above, townhouses for rent in Lagos often come as a large structure that looks like a single building on the outside but significantly different on the inside.

Besides the exterior look, many townhouses for rent here in Lagos Nigeria are structured to accommodate a range of real estate potential rentals. For example, the townhouse may have the following categories of apartments:

  • 3 bedroom luxury flat
  • terrace duplex
  • 4 bedroom luxury flat and
  • A penthouse

    One thing you will discover about Lagos Nigeria and, indeed, virtually every part of Nigeria is this: townhouses are not common . . . it is not an indigenous design of the NIgerian people.

    Real estate designs common in Nigeria are:

  • Bungalows
  • Boys quarters
  • Buildings with a long line of single rooms facing each other and separated by a passage (popularly called "face me I face you")
  • Block of flats (popular designs are block of 4 flats with each flat 2 or 3 bedroom)
  • Semi-detached duplexes and
  • Detached duplexes

    But townhouses? Not in our character.

    Consequently, you're not likely to find townhouses for rent in many locations in Lagos Nigeria. As explained above, many Nigeria real estate investors, especially local property investors, are not sold on building townhouses.

    As a result, you will find townhouses in luxurious areas like Ikoyi where rent is dead expensive and building twonhouses provides an opportunity to build more in less space, charge slightly less for the rent, and earn high return on investment.

    In simple terms . . . building a townhouse has its benefits and its downside. One big benefit of townhouses is that you can build a good not of apartment within a single building and within a small land area. God news, right?


    For example, there is a lovely luxurious townhouse in Banana Island Ikoyi with state-of-the-art facilities that cannot but hold your attention. The exquisitely finished townhouse has 3 bedroom flats, 4 bedroom flats, and 4 bedroom terrace duplexes all in-built and homely.

    Its amazing the amount of apartments within that single building.

    The compound or exterior environment of this lovely townhouse for rent is just as lovely as the interior. Each apartment has a custom built car lot and boys quarters. The penthouse has a swimming pool and entertainment area that cannot but catch your fancy.

    The open compound is large and spacious like a football pitch. The security lounge and generator houses are inviting.

    When you find this kind of twohouse for rent, you cannot but jump at it. It's a home call.

    Should you build a townhouse?

    That's entirely up to you. The advantages are huge. And you will be targeting a market where many Nigeria real estate investors do not currently play.

    However, not everyone likes townhouses because of the population of people within the complex of apartments. Hey, you can't satisfy everyone. Having said that, when building a townhouse

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