Top Sales Jobs In Nigeria - Best Sales Jobs With Fat Cheques And Time Freedom

Top sales jobs in Nigeria - What jobs are the best sales jobs with exponential income growth?

In simple words . . . they are sales and marketing jobs that allow you to use your initiative, creativity, and innovative skills to achieve set targets.

Top sales jobs are not necessarily jobs where you earn the fattest cheques. They are jobs that pay well and also give you the time freedom to meet other life obligations.

When you're broke and desperately looking for paid employment, your focus is the money. Therefore, you may think that the best sales jobs are those that offer the biggest salaries.

What happens when you finally get a well-paying job?

It's then you begin to complain that the job is taking too much time and that you don't have enough time for yourself and your family anymore.

Guess what.

Many family men and women have resigned from well-paying jobs to take on less paying employment when they realize that life is much more than the size of your monthly salary.

Characteristics of The Best Sales Jobs

From the above, it is obvious that the top sales jobs go beyond just paying you a good salary.


The reason is pretty obvious . . . life is bigger than money.

In fact, there are three things that affect your perception of the quality of your life. And these are the very things the sales and marketing job you're offered must provide for you to be convinced you have one of the best sales jobs.

They are . . .

1. Your earnings . . . how much money you make from the job

2. Your feelings of personal achievement and self actualization and

3. Your family's well-being

Sales and marketing jobs that do not meet these fundamental human need will not satisfy your yearning for personal fulfillment for long. And, hence, you will always be in search of something new to move onto.

This is because, after all is said and done, what you really want in life is to provide for your family and to be recognized and honoured.

You want . . .

  • To love what you do
  • To add value to people's life's not just make money
  • To be there for your wife or husband
  • To spend quality time with your family
  • To be part of something great
  • To acheive your greatest dreams while doing your sales job and
  • Self actualization and self satisfaction doing what you love to do

    The best sales and marketing jobs gives you an opportunity to achieve all of the above . . . and more.

    Now the big question, "what particular industry offers sales opportunities that can be considered the best sales jobs?"

    There are two leading industries that fit this description . . .

    1. The real estate industry and

    2. The network marketing industry (a.k.a. the mlm industry)

    The Best Sales And Marketing Jobs

    The networking marketing industry offer the top sales jobs because . . .

    1. It is an independent business opportunity you can do part-time or full-time

    2. Startup cost is low and you can become an independent business owner with as little as 20,000 Naira

    3. You don't need an office to start. You can use your home as your office. (Yes, a work at home business!)

    4. You get complete time freedom. You set your targets and your work hours and work schedule.

    5. You make good money

    6. You achieve complete financial independence, self actualization, and self satisfaction.

    This entire Lagos Nigeria real estate advisor site is devoted to Lagos Nigeria real estate investing and how to become a real estate agent. More importantly, it offers you an opportunity to become a part of the best network marketing business opportunity.

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