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The Problem With Nigerian Football - The Reason Why Super Eagles of Nigeria Consistently Perform Poorly

by bukola

Nigeria is a country with talented footballers. I dare say Nigeria is the best football nation in Africa.

But Nigerian football has seen a dramatic dip in performance especially in the senior category. The Super Eagles have become super chickens who cannot fly.

What is wrong with Nigerian football? Why is it that Nigeria has a lot of talented players but fail at major competitions?

The answer lies in the way the team is structured.

What do I mean?

What I am saying is this: Super Eagles cannot perform as long as the team is made up of international "stars" . . . people who have nothing to lose if the country loses.

Now, you can argue that this kind of dispassionate attitude to serving your country is unpatriotic.

You are right if you say that. But where does that leave us? These international players will do the same thing, play without passion, the next time you invite them to play for their country.

So, what's the solution?

Make the super Eagles team a 70-30 team . . . 70 percent local players and 30 percent international players. And the 30 percent international players should be those who command regular shirts in their teams and who play fantastic football.

If the international players available don't meet the above criteria, then make the team 100 percent local players.


Simple. The country has got the best results with local players. The under 17 team always perform well. Even in cases where they lose, they don't go down without a fight.

If Nigeria wants to win the world cup, then the country should use local players who are anxious to get clubs overseas. Since they have something to lose if they don't play well, they with play with passion and purpose.

The second thing to do is to encourage teamwork within the team by promising team bonuses for matches won and not individual bonuses.

Here is where I rest my case. Some day we will get there.

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