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Terrible Landlord - My Landlord Gave Me Quit Notice For No Reason

I am a tenant. I pay my utility bill, that is, PHCN Bill promptly, my house rate promptly.

When there is any extra money needed to pay for one thing or the other, i pay promptly.

Now my landlord chase friends away whenever they come to visit me. He said i should not talk to the other tenants, which i told him that is not possible.

The next thing he did was to give me quit notice before my house expired. when my house rent expired i pleaded with him.

He said he will agree on two conditions. That is,
i will pay =N=5000 for the quit notice he gave me earlier and secondly, he is going to increase my house rent.

In order to avoid any unnecessary trouble i told him i will pay the 5000 Naira but my house rent should be increased.

He agreed and told me to pay on the 1st of August,
2009 because my rent expired on 31st July, 2009.

On the 1st of August the money was not available but on the 5th of August i got the house rent Plus the Extra
5000 Naira he charged for the earlier quite notice he gave when my house rent still have about four month before it expires.

I went to give him the money on the 5th and he refused and asked me to pack out of his house.

The next day he called me and gave me another quite notice to pack within 7days. After the sevens, he said he would be giving me 2 months to pack.

I insisted that if really he want me to pack, there is no problem but i did not offend you in anyway but what am i am asking of you for you to give me six months
to look for another house.

The next thing he said is that we shall see in

I am just a young man of 23yrs. Honestly and Sincerely i have never owned him any money before; i have never insulted or fought him or any of the tenants.

i have never cause any trouble whatsoever before in that house.

pls Sir(s) i need your advice and counselloring. i have never had any court experience before.

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Sep 01, 2009
Your landlord Does Not Want You In The House Anymore
by: samson

It is obvious that the landlord does not want you in his house anymore.

consequently, he is looking for every excuse to send you packing.

There are two things you need to do in the short and long term:

1. In the short term: Identify other landlords in your street he relates with very well and those he respect and approach them to help you mediate in this matter.

The purpose of this mediation is to . . .

a) buy you time to look for another house. Specifically, they should negotiate 6 months stay in the house for you to give you enough time to get another house

b) get him to drop the court case threat

2. Long term: Start raising money wherever you can get it to rent another house. Landlords can be terrible when they want you to exit their house.

He may begin to look for ways to hurt you. So, its better to quit as soon as you can raise the money to get another house.

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