Terms of Service of Lagos-Nigeria-Real-Estate-Advisor.com

This terms of service is proof of our commitment to sound business ethics in dealings with our customers and our practice of the real estate profession.

You agree to be bound by these terms when you use this Lagos Nigeria real estate web site and when you do business with us.

The Terms

1. You understand that by consulting us you are agreeing to use our services and to pay our real estate commission or the service charge applicable to the transaction in question

2. You agree to pay us our agency commission as follows:

a) 10 percent of value of rent in rental property transactions

b) 5 percent of the value of the property in cases of property for sale transactions above 2 million Naira and 10% if the value of the transaction is below 2 million Naira

3. You understand and agree that we do not verify the validity of the documents of any property we have for sale. And that it is your responsibility to engage the services of your preferred lawyer (or attorney) who will verify the validity of the property documents and prepare the agreement between you, the buyer or tenant, and the seller or landlord.

4. You understand and agree that if the property is located within an estate, you will pay all additional fees (e.g. development levee, agreement fee, survey fee etc) charged by the operators of the estate. And these charges are separate from the actual price of the property.

5. You agree to be bound by any future changes in this terms of service as necessary. You also agree that posting of such additions or modifications on this web site is sufficient notice.

6. You agree that any issues arising from doing business with us that results in a law suit will be decided in a court of law in Lagos state Nigeria

7. You understand that the information provided on this Lagos Nigeria real estate web site is provided "as is" and that you are accountable for the decisions you make after reading the information on this site. You agree not to hold Erimama Investment Company Ltd, the author of lagos-nigeria-real-estate-advisor.com, and the employees and agents of Erimama Investment Company Ltd liable for any decisions you make as a result of the information on this site. You are encouraged to make your own investigations before making decisions.

8. You understand and agree that the information on this web site reflects the personal views of the author and that it is NOT legal advice. You agree that it is your responsibility to conduct due diligence before taking any decision. And therefore agree not to hold the author, his companies, or his heirs and assigns liable for any actual or perceived losses resulting from your use of the information on this web site

9. Some pages of this web site discuss how to make money and some income opportunities available online and offline. You understand and agree that any reference to income levels of participants in the business opportunities listed / discussed on this web site are example incomes only. And do not reflect what the average affiliate or independent marketer earns from such programs

10. You understand that the information on this site and in the books sold on this site is not legal advice. Please consult your attorney for legal advice.

11. You understand that we promote products and services from other merchants on this site and that it is your responsibility to decide whether to buy from these merchants / third-party web sites or not.

12. You understand that this site exchange links with other sites we consider beneficial to our visitors. However, it is the responsibility of each person to decide whom to do business with. You accept liability for all purchase decisions you make from web sites this site links to.

The Cash For Houses Program

Erimama Investment Company Ltd offer a cash for houses program that helps home owners buy and resell their houses within a time frame of 6 - 12 months.

As a participant of this program, you understand that this time frame is just an estimate of the probable time frame the company can sell off your property.

However, since the company has no control of events in the property marketplace, it cannot guarantee that your property will be sold within the 6 -12 months time frame.

Consequently, you understand and agree that the sale of your property may exceed the 12 months stated period depending on the events of the market.

Therefore you agree NOT to hold Erimama Investment Company Ltd, lagos-nigeria-real-estate-advisor.com, or any of its associates, gents or employees liable for any lost revenue (real or imagined) due to delays in the sale of your property.

Please exit this site if you do not agree with these terms.

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