Tenant Screening Lagos Nigeria - We Do It Right. Employ Our Services.

Tenant screening Lagos Nigeria is absolutely important if you're a landlord.

The purpose of screening tenants is to ensure you get the right tenant to rent your apartment for rent.

Some tenants are people of dubious character. So, if you don't do tenant screening right, you may end up giving your house to an armed robber or a hired assassin.

Imagine giving your home to someone as cruel and heartless as an armed robber!

Certainly, evicting him wouldn't be easy when you finally find out his real occupation. And when you do, you can't be too sure he won't retaliate by staging an attack on you and your family for sending him packing.

It's much better . . . and safer . . . to make sure you don't let your property to tenants of queer behavior rather than to do damage control by evicting them when you find out who they really are.

It all starts with proper tenant screening. And we are Lagos Nigeria real estate agent known for our reputation for thorough screening of tenants.

Our screening exercise evaluates the potential tenant on the basis of his or her . . .

  • Employment or business type - where does he or she work? If the potential tenant is a business person, what type of business is he or she engaged in?
  • His or her ability to pay the rent regularly after the initial startup payment to rent the apartment
  • The credibility of the guarantor or next of kin
  • The potential tenant's age - We do not rent out homes to minors. They are better off living with a mature relative.
  • The person's history - Why is he or she leaving his or her previous accommodation?

    Screening tenants is both science and art. But we are committed to ensuring our partners - the property owners who trust us to send them reputable tenants - get the right tenants.

    Screening tenants is our business. We do it right. Entrust us with your property. We are real estate management experts who will work to ensure your tenants are trustworthy and peace-loving people.

    Your property is a lifetime investment you worked hard to build. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    We will do our best to ensure you do.

    Contact us to discuss how we can manage your property to your satisfaction.


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