Solicitor Nigeria - Legal Advice, Arbitration, Litigation, Trade Marks, Immigration, Copyright, And Everything Legal

solicitor nigeria - arbitration litigation

Solicitor Nigeria - Rehoboth chambers provides legal advice, arbitration, and litigation services for issues relating to . . .

  • Trademarks (or trade mark)
  • Copyright
  • Taxation
  • Maritime law
  • Immigration
  • Labour law and
  • Matrimonial causes

    If you want a team of solicitors with solid background and experience to represent you, then talk to the legal experts at Rehoboth chambers.

  • The above is just a few of the Services offered by Rehoboth chambers. Other services offered include legal advice for:

  • oil and gas industry
  • human rights violation
  • debt recovery
  • Aviation industry
  • designs and patents
  • Corporate affairs issues
  • Company formation

    The barristers of law at Rehoboth chambers are also experts in French law. This team of lawyers know Nigeria law and French law in and out and are a wonderful help and support when you have legal issues, arbitration issues, or litigation issues to deal with.

    Need an attorney or a solicitor?

    Talk to the experts at Rehoboth Chambers.

    The CEO of B.U. Onwudiwo & Co (Rehoboth Chambers) is an agile and astute lawyer, Barrister Benjamin Onwudiwo. He is a smart attorney who has a way with people and can be a powerful instrument in your favour when you have mediation or arbitration issues to settle.

    Guess what.

    When you have a full litigation issue to deal with, then you will see the other side of this smart lawyer.

    Barrister Benjamin Onwudiwo is an expert in Nigeria and French law. If you need solid legal advice, talk to Benjamin and his team.

    Need legal advice? Need an attorney to deal with mediation, arbitration, or litigation issues? Need an understanding attorney to deal with any other legal matter, matrimonial or otherwise?

    Then contact B.U. Onwudiwo & Co (Rehoboth Chambers).


    Just fill the simple form below and click the "Submit Request" button. Barrister Benjamin will contact you to discuss your legal requirement.

    P.S: Stubborn and uncooperative tenants are a big headache for landlords in Lagos Nigeria. Barrister Benjamin and his team are experts at tenant eviction. If you have an issue with unyielding and stubborn tenants, just contact barrister Benjamin and his team using the form below. This team of experienced lawyers will evict those heady and unappreciative tenants legally so you an enjoy the fruits of your labour . . . your property.

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