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Small kitchen Lagos Nigeria - A small kitchen can be a big disadvantage especially if you have a lot of stuff like me. In fact, if you're someone like me who loves space and freedom of movement, having a kitchen that is small can be a big headache.

However, if you are stuck with a kitchen that has a size far less than you bargained for, rest assured that you can still make the best of the bad situation.


Simple. Develop a strategy that allows you to maximize the use of the small space at your disposal.

Let me explain.

When kitchen items and appliances are left lying on the kitchen floor, they end up taking a lot of space. And if your kitchen is already a small kitchen, then you're in for a real tough time getting work done in the kitchen with so many things displaced or hanging.

How do you get around the small kitchen headache?

Simply use kitchen cabinets in your kitchen.

When you install a kitchen cabinet in your kitchen, all of those stuff lying around in the kitchen can then be neatly and carefully arranged into the cabinet. This creates more room for you in the kitchen. And with more leg room in the kitchen, you can get your tasks accomplished even faster.

There are some things you need to know about small kitchen.

1. They are common in many homes in Lagos Nigeria, especially low priced homes, mass market or low income homes. So, you're likely to get stuck with one of them if your budget for Lagos accommodation is small.

2. Some small kitchen in Lagos Nigeria are so small that installing a floor kitchen cabinet in the kitchen simply compounds the problem

How do you address this?

Well, while using a kitchen cabinet in a kitchen is highly recommended, you need to pay attention to the size of the kitchen cabinet and the mode of installation, if you want it to work for you.

For example, installing a floor kitchen cabinet in a kitchen that is small is simply out of tune with reality. The space is already small, why compound the problem?

In this case, the ideal thing to do is to install the kitchen cabinet above the floor . . . at a height that is just above the average person's head level and such that you can reach the last shelf of the cabinet with a stretch of your hand.

You also need to pay close attention to the design of the kitchen cabinet.

For example, while you may not be able to install a long suspended cabinet in a kitchen that is small, you can still use kitchen cabinets to maximize the use of the space available to you.

For instance, you can buy a cabinet off the shelf or get a custom-made cabinet that . . .

1. has more than one shelf for arranging kitchen items in it and

2. buy two or three small cabinets instead of one long cabinet that will be difficult to install

The rational is simple.

The more shelves available in the shelf, the more stuff can fit into it. And the more cabinets you have, the more stuff you can get off the floor into neatly organized cabinets.

Bottom line.

Adopt the use of cabinets in your kitchen to optimize your kitchen space. And use cabinets that suit the configuration of your kitchen not just anything available in the market.

The importance of kitchen cabinets cannot be over-emphasized. They add spice to your kitchen experience.

So, if you have a kitchen that is small in size, don't get discouraged or intimidated. It's not the size of the kitchen that matters. It's what you do with it that counts.

Put a small on your husband's face. Impress yourself and your family with a clean, tidy and professionally organized kitchen.

Trust me, you will get an immense sense of pride and a true feeling of accomplishment each time you walk into your kitchen.

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