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Small houses Lagos Nigeria - There are advantages to building a small home. As the name implies, a small home is small. Hence, the very first advantage of building small houses is in the area of cost.

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It cost a lot less to build a small home than to build a big spacious apartment or luxurious building. And since the cost of building a small home is also small, low income earners can do this and become proud owners of their own home sooner than later.

But how small is small? How small can a home be to be comfortable?

Small houses have categories. There is the small and then the very small.

Very small homes can be discomforting because . . .

  • the bedrooms end up being too small to allow for free movement
  • the sitting room (or living room) usually is so small that you can hardly entertain visitors
  • the kitchen can be so small that it can hardly accommodate two people side by side and
  • users just squeeze themselves into the bath and toilet area combination

Bottom line.

Building a small home that is within your budget is great. But don't go so small that residents of the apartment go through 'hell' to live in the
dead-squeeze home you have built . . . a home not suitable for humans to live in and enjoy.

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The small house plans section takes a critical look at some small home plans in Lagos Nigeria . . . the creative ways people have adopted to optimize their
resources when building homes and how you can fit this into your plan when building your own home.

A quick advice for you. Do not follow the crowd.

A lot of Nigerians start out with great ideas for their home building project. The building construction starts with a bang, basically with money they have saved over the years. But unfortunately, the work stops half way and then
they struggle over subsequent years trying to complete the gigantic building project that started out brilliantly but that is now stalled by insufficient cash.

Don't fall into that trap!

Building a luxurious apartment building or mansion is everyone's fantasy. But if the reality dictates that you forsake that route, then don't be shy
to explore small homes as an option.

Yes, you love to build something you can brag about to your friends. But if you don't have the financial capability, starting out with a big house will ultimately lead to frustration.

Take my advice. Go small if your pocket says so.

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