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Small house plans Lagos Nigeria - This page features some small home plans ideas to elicit creativity when building your home.

Small houses can be fun to build once you recognize that you don't have the funds to build the same class of buildings as the moneybags in the high class society of Nigeria. Once you get over that hurdle and accept your situation as it is, then you can really begin to get creative and use the resources you have to get the best possible result.
Here are a few small house plans common in Lagos Nigeria that you can think through.

Option 1 is what I call the "think big start small" small house plans. In this case, you start with a building plan for, say, a 3 bedroom bungalow with sizable rooms but then build the house in phases.

What this means is this . . . you want a big house but you do not have the funds to start and bring it to completion. You know that if you start the entire structure at once, you will get stuck half way and it will take years to complete. If you're like me, you want to start enjoying your home as soon as possible.

Deploying this strategy, you can start with, say, half of the building, complete that part of the building, and move in with your family. Then while you're already enjoying the fruitage of being a landlord, you continue with the building project.

Note that if you wish to go this route, it is advisable to . . .

  • Develop a building plan that is such that when you build half of the plan, your family can live reasonably comfortably in the half-completed building

  • Build the foundation for the entire building at once, immediately you start the building. Then bring only half of the building to completion

    You will find a lot of this small house plans in Lagos Nigeria as you drive around. Believe me, it's a plan that makes sense.

    Adopting the strategy above gives you some advantages.

    1. You stop paying rent because you relocate to your own home as soon as half of it is completed. You then deplore the rent you would have paid your previous landlord to augmenting the amount you have for completing the building project

    2. You can monitor the progress of the building project closely and ensure contractors do a good job since you now live in the apartment

    Option 2 is what I call the "plan smart strategy". This small home plans concept requires you to start with a small plan that fits into your budget profile and complete the entire building at once.

    A good example of this is to build a small boys quarters or a 1 bedroom apartment with small rooms so that the cost of building the entire building is small and so you can complete it at once.

    In some cases, even after opting for a small 1 room boys quarters, you may still not be able to complete it at once depending on your finances. The poor real estate section shows buildings where the owners could not even afford windows for their building.

    But hey, they are landlords like every other landlord!

    So, don't be shy. Don't be ashame to start with small house plans. Work within your budget to build your home even if it means starting with a small home plan.

    The important thing is to have a home of your own. The house that looks poor today will look prettier and prettier as your finances improve.

    Start small, grow big. That is the course of wisdom.

    P.S: Want a building plan for your next house? Click HERE to get bungalow floor plans.

    Alternatively, Click HERE to get duplex house plans.

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