Site Build It Affiliate Program - Make Money Online In Nigeria Promoting SBI

Solo Build It affiliate program enables people in Nigeria to make money online.

Solo Build It! (abbreviated, SBI) is a web based site brainstorming and site building software. This web based software is designed to help people . . . both techies and newbies . . . develop their own site concept, brainstorm those concepts, and build a web site that is both popular and profitable.

The Solo Build It affiliate program (or SBI affiliate program) encourages people to promote SBI! by offering two levels of commission. This kind of program is called a two-tier affiliate program.

Let me explain what the two levels of commission are.

First, an affiliate of the Solo Build It affiliate program earns 25% commission when customers order SBI through the affiliate link of the individual affiliate or when the affiliate orders SBI for someone through his affiliate account. The price of annual subscription to Solo Build It is $299 U.S. dollars. So, the SBI affiliate earns $75 per sale of SBI.

The second level of commission is $25. An affiliate earns this commission when the affiliate he refers or who joins the SBI affiliate program through his link makes a sale. This means that you earn a commission when you mak a sale and when someone you refer to join the program makes a sale.

Bottom line.

It pays the affiliate to promote both the SBI affiliate program as well as the product.

Why is promoting Solo Build It a good business decision?

Well, it makes business sense to promote SBI because . . .

  • The product over-delivers on its promise
  • It has satisfied and raving customers
  • It has abundant verifiable case studies of customers who have built successful online businesses using the software
  • Customer subscription renewal level is high and
  • Many customers end up having more than one SBI subscription

    In simple words . . . repeat purchase is guaranteed. This means you can continuously grow your commission month on month, year on year.

    Best of all, the Solo Build It affiliate program offer affiliates life time commission.

    What does that mean?

    It's pretty simple.

    It means you get commission for each customer you refer and for the life time of te customer. That means you get paid the affiliate commission every time you make a sale and every time the customer renews his subscription . . . for the life of the customer.

    That is non-stop commission!

    No wonder the SBI affiliate program is among the number affiliate program on the internet.

    Click HERE to learn more about the world's number one affiliate program.

    I encourage you to join and start making money online. Earn good commission even here in Nigeria.

    P.S: The highest selling affiliates are people who also use Solo Build It! When you use the product, you understand how it works and the benefits over other site building programs on the web. Therefore you end up promoting it more convincingly. And this translates to higher sales. Want to be a super affiliate raking in huge commissions? Then subscribe to Solo Build It!

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