Single Family Homes Lagos Nigeria - Free Single Family Houses Tips

Single family homes Lagos Nigeria - Single family homes in Lagos Nigeria are cheaper to rent or build and is suitable for people with limited budget.

What are single family houses in terms of Nigerian vocabulary?

Single family houses are those kind of rental apartments suitable for single families or bachelors. In the Nigerian context, these kind of apartments are either a block of single rooms or a block of one bedroom apartments commonly referred to in Nigeria as 'self contain' apartment or one bedroom flat.

Usually, a single person - bachelor or spinster - or a single family will rent one of the rooms or flat in the block of rooms or block of self-contain one bedroom apartments.

Even though this class of apartments are referred to here as single family homes or single family houses, many of them are actually occupied by married people with a number of children or medium to large families.

What is responsible for this? Why are single family homes being used as large family houses?

Obviously, this is attributable to the financial capability of the families involved.

The truth is . . . many Nigerians live below the poverty line. Millions are barely able to make ends meet. Besides the challenge posed by the high cost of Lagos accommodation, the family heads still have to . . .

  • send their kids to school
  • cover the cost of transportation
  • care for the health needs of the family (for example, malaria is an African disease that cost many families a lot of money)
  • cover the cost of food that has become dead expensive and
  • meet other social and extended family obligations

    Consequently, thousands of families live in sub-standard apartments that are sometimes too small, too dirty, or too stuffy.

    In particular, you may see a family of six - husband, wife, and four kids - living in just a one room apartment. Young men and women who just moved to Lagos and secured a job also pair, men to men and women to women, to share single family houses.

    My advice?

    Don't be afraid to start small. Living in a small house is not a crime. If you live in a small residential real estate, it is simply a reflection of your financial status at the present moment. It is not a statement as to your:

  • level of intelligence
  • your family values
  • your destiny
  • your capacity to love and be loved or
  • where you will end up

    Sooner or later, you may get a better job and your financial muscle may expand. When that happens, you will move from this single family home within a twinkle of an eye. So, don't let this affect your self-esteem.

    About investing in single family houses.

    Well, it's pretty obvious. The housing market and opportunities for making good money is huge with respect to single family homes or single family houses.

    Thinking of Nigeria real estate investing?

    This could be a potential area to invest because the market is huge.

    An investor built a block of ten units of one bedroom apartment and they were rented out in a jiffy. Why so fast?

    Well, people love privacy . . . even the very poor of the society.

    Single room apartments don't offer any privacy because residents share everything from bathroom, to toilet, to even kitchen. And most people don't like that.

    One bedroom apartment offers residents privacy at a cheaper price.

    A typical one bedroom self contain apartment in Lagos Nigeria has its own dedicated kitchen, bathroom and toilet. So, occupants have privacy and are self-sufficient. And they love it! It is actually one of the fast moving housing unit in Lagos Nigeria.

    Bottom line.

    Single family homes pay both the investor and the tenant.

    If this is the category you want to play, go for it.

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