Simple Kitchen Design To Keep Fires Under Check

by samson

When fires break out in a home, many times it starts in the kitchen. From the kitchen, the fire hits the roof and the entire house is gone.

You can do something about this.

One way to minimize the impact of kitchen fires is to make the kitchen roof fire proof. Wood aids combustion so it compounds the problem if the wooden roof extends to the kitchen area.

A simple solution is to make the kitchen roof a decking so that it mitigate against spread of fire so the fire can be contained in the kitchen.

Another thing that can help is to make provision for gas cylinder racks with chain locks outside the kitchen.

When fires break out, gas cylinders become more or less bombs that can cause immense damage to life and property.

However, if the gas cylinders are secured with chain in a specially designed gas rack, you limit the impact of the explosion and, depending on the design and distance from the main building, you actually stop the explosion from happening in the first place.

This looks simple enough. But it can save you a great deal of trouble.

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