Silverbird Cinemas Silverbird galleria Lagos Nigeria

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silverbird cinemas lagos nigeriaSilverbird Cinemas, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

Silverbird Cinemas, Silverbird Galleria, Lagos Nigeria.

The Silverbird Galleria complex is a work of art that stands impressive in the Lagos Nigeria skyline. It is inviting and alluring.

When you enter the complex, you're greeted by a business atmosphere that smells of entertainment and pleasure mixed with essentials of life. This complex is host to the prestigious cinema hall

Inside Silverbird Galleria

silverbird cinemas silverbird galleria

The Silverbird group owns and operates the Silverbird Cinemas located at Ahmadu Bello way Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria.

The cinema halls are located at the Silverbird galleria . . . a state-of-the-art luxurious building at Victoria Island.

Besides the cinemas, the Silverbird galleria host a multitude of other small businesses that offer the best of the best.

Want books? There is an exotic bookshop with a wide array of books at the galleria.

Need something for the kids? Well, its available in large quantity.

How about something to eat? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

The Silverbird galleria is a beauty to behold. See the latest movies released at the cinemas . . . be the first to see any movies in Hollywood in Nigeria. It's all happening at the Silverbird cinemas.

While you're at it, be sure to feast your eyes with all the goodies available at the complex.

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