Shipping Cost Nigeria - Delivery Cost of Books To Customer Addresses

shipping cost nigeria

The shipping cost of books and other products of ZY Properties vary from destination to destination in Nigeria. This page provides some insight to the delivery cost for each location.

Wait. What do we mean by shipping?

In this context, shipping is the process of moving the products (books, dvds etc) ordered by customers from the offices of ZY Properties in Lagos Nigeria to the preferred destination of the customers.

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We ship our products to any destination the customer wants. For example, customers may ask us to ship to their home addresses, office addresses, or the address of someone they wish to pass the books to as a gift.

Just tell us where you want us to ship your products and we will do just that.

What destinations can we ship to?

Well, we ship to all locations in Nigeria and in the world that courier services in Nigeria deliver packages to.

Our courier service of choice is FEDEX. So, we use the FEDEX courier service to deliver all of our packages. Sometimes we may also use other courier services if FEDEX does not deliver packages to your location.

Be assured that wherever you are in Nigeria and wherever you are in the world, we will deliver our packages to you if the major courier services deliver packages to your area.

What Is The Shipping Or Delivery Cost?

As mentioned above, the delivery or shipping cost vary from location to location within Nigeria and everywhere else in the world.

The prices mentioned below are for the major cities in Nigeria only. If you live in a town or village that is not classified as a major city, the courier charges will be somewhat higher.

Courier Pricing

Shipping cost within the city areas of Lagos like Ikeja, Surulere etc is 800 Naira per copy.

Shipping cost in the outskirts of Lagos like Ajah, Badagry etc is 1,500 Naira per copy.

Shipping or delivery cost for major cities in Western Nigeria is 2,000 Naira {for one or two books, equal to 0.5kg}

The cities classified as major cities in the Western zone include Ilorin, Akure, Oshogbo, Benin, Warri etc

Shipping or delivery cost for major cities in Northern Nigeria is 3,000 Naira {for one or two books, equal to 0.5kg}

Pay both the shipping (or delivery cost) and the cost of the book into the designated bank account. The goods will be processed for shipping immediately we confirm your payment.

Please note that the more copies you purchase per order, the lower the shipping cost per copy.

Product Collection In Person

Don't want to spend money on shipping? Want to save the cost of having us deliver the products to you?

Then you can come to our office to pick the products you paid for yourself.

However, this is only possible if you live in Lagos Nigeria or near Lagos where our office is located.

For those who live outside Lagos, shipping to you through courier service is the better option.

Don't have the account details to pay in?

Simply contact us.

P.S: The more books you buy, the cheaper the shipping cost. For example, suppose it cost 2,500 Naira to send one book to a particular location. If you order 20 books, the shipping cost per copy will drop from 2,500 to about 500 Naira per copy. Amazing, right? And best of all, you will also get 40 percent discount from us if you order as much as 20 books at a time. This means you can even sell the books and make substantial profit. In fact, you can earn as much as one million Naira per month and more just distributing our books.

I highly recommend you buy more that one book to collapse the shipping fee.

P.P.S: Ready to pay for the books? Click HERE to fill the contact form and request account details so you can pay directly to our bank account. The books will be dispatched to you wherever you live after yoru payment is confirmed.

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