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Shared office space directory Lagos Nigeria.

The focus of this shared space directory is to privide a simple platform where business people who wish to share their office accommodation can list them and find other business people seeking to share office accommodation.


What is shared office space?

In simple terms . . . a shared business space or office space is an office space already acquired by a business person but who now wishes to rent out or lease a part of that office space to another business office.

Why would anyone want to sublet part of his office to another business person?

Simple reason . . . idle capacity.

For example, you may rent a 3 bedroom office space in anticipation of huge growth in the first few years of your business.

But later, you may discover that you really do not need that much space especially if business is not growing as expected.

What should you do?

Simply sublet a part of the office space by listing it in this shared office space directory.

Another example.

Suppose you rented an open plan office space and then partitioned a section for training purposes while the rest is partitioned as offices.

On second thought, you discover that the training hall section is idle most of the time because you conduct training one or twice a month.

What can you do?

Simply list the hall for rent in this Lagos Nigeria shared space directory so other consultants looking for low cost seminar (or conference) halls can rent your seminar hall and pay you for it.

Benefits of Shared Space

There are two key reasons why you sublet idle office space.

First, it helps you reduce overhead cost and therefore increase profitability.

Second, subletting a part of your open office space for training purposes brings a constant inflow of new people who come for training in your facility. And this could bring new business your way as you display your products and services before this constant inflow of people.

Bottom line.

Shared business space results in shared resources (e.g. running cost of generator and internet access), which reduces business expenses plus attracts more potential clients for your business.

Yes, it is smart to sublet your idle office space!

Simply use the shared space submission form below to list your office space for sublet in this Lagos Nigeria property web site.

P.S: The client who rents your idle office space will pay you the lease price. Our service charge is the prevailing agency commission in Lagos Nigeria.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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