Seminar Terms of Service Lagos Nigeria

Erimama investment company ltd organizes a financial empowerment seminar called wealth creation seminar.

Please read the terms of service for this seminar below.

1. Affiliates or partners are advised to find out the next seminar date and time before inviting people to the seminar

2. Affiliates, ensure you write the names of everyone you invited in the seminar register and indicate that you were the one who invited them

3. Ensure your guest(s) pay the seminar fees into the designated bank account before the seminar date. Tell your invitees they will get a 10 percent discount on course fees if they pay directly to the bank account designated. We hate to handle cash at the seminar venue.

4. Invitees who can’t make the bank can pay at the course venue before entry. But they will not enjoy the 10 percent discount.

5. Potential seminar attendees should pay 10 percent less than the advertised seminar fee when they pay into the designated bank account. Attendees who pay the full seminar amount to the bank designated should not expect a refund of 10 percent because of the logistics and cost of issuing refunds to a large crowd. This means that seminar attendees who pay into the bank account before the seminar date should pay 90 percent of the course fees because of the 10 percent discount associated with paying directly to the designated bank account.

6. Affiliates, please follow up with people who paid for the seminar to attend. You will only get commission for invitees who paid for and attended the seminar.

7. Seminar invitees who paid for the seminar but were unable to attend due to circumstances beyond their control should contact us for inclusion in the list of invitees for subsequent seminars.

8. Seminar invitees who request their money back because they were unable to attend the seminar will pay administrative charges equal to 10 percent of the seminar fee.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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