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How To Self Publish A Book

Self publishing Lagos Nigeria - Book self publishing has become very popular because the major publishing companies are not able to cater for the massive book publishing needs of the population.

The major book publishing companies In Nigeria each publish only a few titles each year. This is grossly inadequate considering that there is a writer in everyone. And millions of Nigerians don't just have the writing spirit in them. They actually write out their heart in powerful manuscripts begging to be published.

Consequently, the world (and Nigeria) needs a simple and cost effective way to get all of these manuscripts published to the benefit of humanity. The need for a simple way to publish books . . . a method simple enough for the average Nigerian to implement . . . is what gave birth to self publishing.

What is self publishing?

In simple words . . . it means publishing your book yourself without the support of the major book publishing companies.

Can you really publish your book yourself?


But how? How does self publishing a book work?

You simply use modern technology. Let me explain.

There are essentially three ways to publish your book yourself.

1. Publish your book as an ebook

2. Print your manuscript using a local printer and market the book yourself

3. Use print-on-demand publishing service

The commonest form of self publishing is ebook publishing. Let's explore this publishing option a little more.

Ebook Publishing

Ebook publishing involves converting your finished manuscript in word processing format into a pdf file and then selling this as a downloadable product.

First, you upload the pdf file into your web site or a secure ebook download site and then sell the book online. When people order your book, you send them the download link for the book and then they can download and read the ebook.

Ebook publishing is very simple and cost effective to implement. The only cost you incur is the cost of the pdf converter (software), the cost of your web site, and the cost of the online payment processor.

Can you really make substantial income from selling your book as an ebook?


Take the example of Rena. She is in the jewelry business and so, built a web site around her jewelry business. Thereafter, she wrote an ebook which she sold through her popular site.

What was the result?

She sold 123 copies of that ebook on the very day she launched the book. And she sold 300 copies within the first three weeks of launching the book, $39 dollars per ebook. That amounted to $12,000 U.S. dollars. That is, about 1.8 million Naira (@150 Naira to a dollar) in three weeks from her ebook sales.


Can you do the same?


You may not get exactly the same result as Rena did. You may not sell 1.8 million Naira worth of ebooks within three weeks. But you sure can make good money by publishing your book yourself.

Other Book Self Publishing Options

The second option for book self publishing is to get a local printer to print your book and then you market it yourself through local book stores. The disadvantage of this is that most printers need to print about 1,000 copies of your book for the price to be favourable to you. What happens if the book does not sell?

You will be stuck with all those books in your house. And you will lick your wounds because of the money invested in printing the books.

The third option is on-demand-publishing. In this case, the printers print the book according to orders received. This has the advantage of not having a large stock of books that could result in a loss if you can't find buyers for them.

So there you have it . . . the three options for publishing your book yourself.

Here's something you must take to heart before you proceed.

To sell a substantial amount of your book in any form and make good money, you need a marketing channel that continuously supplies customers at low cost.

In the case of Rena, she had a popular web site built with Solo Build It. And she sold her ebook through her web site at no extra cost to her. And since the site was already popular, and the visitors respected her professionalism, buying the book was a breeze.

Bottom line.

Publishing your own book yourself is great. But you won't make appreciable sales unless you have a system that consistently refer customers to your book. Advertising in newspapers won't do it because the day you stop advertising, that is the day your ads stop appearing. And so you stop selling.

So, the first step is to build a respected brand by building your own popular web site using Site Build It! web site builder. Then you write a book that you sell through your own site.

P.S: You can also publish your ebook and books in print using the ZY Properties book publishing service and its marketing channel.

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