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Self Employment Guide Nigeria - Learn How To Create
Your Own Job.Be Self Employed. Be The Boss!

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Self employment guide Nigeria - Millions of Nigerians living in Lagos Nigeria are without jobs. The same goes for other states of Nigeria. In fact, wherever you live in Nigeria, you will find thousands, even millions, of fellow Nigerians desperately looking for paid employment or white collar jobs.

The purpose of this Nigeria self employment guide is to help Nigerians understand the value of self employment and, more importantly, how they can create wealth for themselves by engaging in activities that make money for them.

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In simple words . . . this Nigeria self employment guide will teach you how to create job for yourself and also create jobs for other Nigerians by becoming an employer of Labour.

Yes, this guide will teach you how to become the boss, the employer!

self employment lagos nigeria

I know what you're thinking.

You're most likely thinking, "Yeah, right. He's going to teach me to be self employed. Is he self employed himself?"

The truth is . . . I am self employed. And I can teach you how to become self employed.

In particular, I will teach you (through this self employment guide) . . .

  • how to develop the owner mind-set and stop chasing after paid employment
  • Self employment ideas to help you start thinking in the right direction
  • Sources of capital to start your business and
  • How to market your products or services at low cost using the internet

This guide will also address specific population groups that have potential to generate income for themselves by becoming self employed.

These population groups include . . .

  • Moms working from home
  • Students looking for student summer jobs to keep them busy and earn nice income
  • School principals looking for extra curricula activities for their students in order to increase the perceived value of their schools and, more importantly, to produce secondary school graduates who add value to the community in diverse ways
  • Retirees looking for a simple way to create wealth and not have to depend on their children or social welfare programs
  • Employees looking for a way to earn extra income part-time
  • Employees who desire to retire early and become founders and CEOs of their own companies
  • Freelance writers or writers in paid employment who want to make extra money from writing

If you belong to any of the population groups mentioned above, use the links above to access more information related to the group you belong.

The Key To Financial Freedom And Happiness

The author of this Nigeria self employment guide, Samson Itoje, wants you to attain financial freedom and happiness.

Now, there are two ways to attain financial freedom.

1. Get a well paying job in a multinational company that gives you freedom to operate . . . a company that offers you the job your love and a fantastic remuneration package or

2. Be self employed and build a business around your passion (that which you love)

Option 1 is good. And that is the path most people take.

self employed lagos nigeria

In fact, formal schools teach you how to be good in a particular subject area (e.g. electronics engineering), make good grades, graduate in flying colours, and then get a well paying job.

In simple words . . . most formal education teach you to get paid employment. And that is good in some respect.

Unfortunately, most people don't like their jobs. Yes, they get good pay but they soon realize that why they may be financially free, they are not happy with what they do or how their company treats them.

The result?

Over 30 percent of working people are looking for a career change.

Some eventually get a career change and are happy for a few years. Then they start looking for another job because they have become dissatisfied again.

Bottom line.

Paid employment is good but be prepared to be dissatisfied with your job sooner or later.

On the other hand, when you are self employed . . .

  • You have complete control of your time
  • You have plenty of time for your family
  • You do what you like when you like and
  • You proceed on vacation whenever you deem fit

When you're self employed, you're the boss.

You do not report to anyone. Nobody dictates to you what to do or when to do it. You're in charge. And that makes you really really happy.

Want financial freedom and happiness?

Take the advice of this self employment guide. Become self employed!

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