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Good search engine optimization (abbreviated SEO) is the key to make money online in Lagos Nigeria and anywhere else in the world.

Unfortunately, this is the part of online business management that most internet business owners in Nigeria and the world over don't understand. And that is the number 1 reason why 95% of internet business ventures fail flat within the first 2 years of operation.

Wait. What is search engine optimization? Why is it so important? And how can you get it right?

Let me explain.

SEO refers to the process of building your web site pages in such a way that you communicate to the search engines the true nature and audience of your site and play by the rules of the search engines so that your web site is given top rating.

In simple language . . . search engine optimization is the body of techniques or rules you need to comply with when building your web site so that search engines like Google and Yahoo can rank your site high.

What happens when search engines rank your site high?

Simple. Your web site will appear in search results of internet surfers. That means more internet surfers will find your web site and do business with you.

You will close more business deals and you will make more money.

What happens if you implement poor SEO for your web site?


The search engines will disregard your web site and internet surfers will not find your site. Therefore business leads from your web site will be virtually non-existent and your site will run at a loss.

Eventually, you may be compelled to shut down your web site for lack of profitability.

Bottom line.

Good search engine optimization is the key to making big money on the internet.

Wait, wait.

Why are the search engines so important?

The search engines are extremely popular internet web sites that provide internet search services.

This means that millions of people visit the search engines every day searching for information, products, and services. Some of these people are searching for your products or services.

SEO lagos nigeria The sad part is that if your SEO strategies are poor or non-existent, then your internet business is doomed for failure right from the day it starts.

How do you ensure your web site is compliant with search engine rules and thereby get a lot of visitors or business leads from the internet to your business?

Well, it's pretty simple. Become a search engine guru.

The sad part about going that route is that there are a handful of search engines. And each has so many rules. Worse still, they are constantly changing their rules.

Does this mean search engine optimization is beyond the reach of small business people?

Not really.

So how can small business people or hobbyist like you take advantage of the internet to grow your business or hobby?

Simply do what I do.

What is that?

I use a web-based internet business software that automatically handles the tough business of search engine optimization.

This software, called Site Build It! (SBI!), automatically handles all the technical stuff behind the scene thereby giving me the freedom to build my online business to profitable heights.

My advice?

Use Solo Build It! to build your web site. No other internet business software comes close.

Click HERE to learn more about Solo Build It!

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