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School Uniforms Lagos Nigeria - Free Tips For School Uniform

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School uniforms in Lagos Nigeria differ from school to school. And that is the case not just in Lagos Nigeria but all over the country. I suppose that is what operates in most countries of the world.

Each school has its own uniform. The school uniform is more or less like an identifying mark that distinguishes one school from another.

Some uniforms are attractive . . . they just catch your attention and make you wish you were a student once more. On the other hand, some others are dull and give the impression of old school fashion.

What accounts for the difference?

There are obviously a number of reasons why some school uniforms look distressed while others are compelling. This include . . .

  • quality of the uniform material
  • Colour combination or colour matching and
  • style or design of the uniform

Smart uniforms are a joy to wear and behold. Kids are excited about going to school for a number of reasons. I can tell you
that a well designed and finished uniform can get a kid all excited about going to school.

You don't believe me?

Well, consider the case of a kid I will refer to as Jessica.

Jessica's childhood dream was to become a nurse as an adult. As the years rolled by, she held on to her dream despite all odds. One day someone asked Jessica why she wanted to be a nurse.

Her reply?

"I just love the attire of nurses. The sparkling white dress and the crown on their hair just blow my mind".

Can you imagine!

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As people say, looking good is good business.

So, if you're a school owner thinking of what school uniform to adopt for your school, think quality, think style, think class. Believe me, uniforms say a lot about a school's attention to detail.

Uniforms have also become big business.


Well, many school authorities like to profit from uniforms.

For example, all school uniforms are sown by the school. That could be hundreds of uniforms per year depending on the size of the school. And schools insist on providing all of the uniforms to ensure consistency in terms of colour, design, and material quality.

Good argument.

But that also means one of two things will happen.

1. The school proprietor either opens a student uniforms division and makes the clothes herself or

2. The school contracts the uniform out to a contractor

Either way, there is potential for profitability and schools can take advantage of that potential.

Is that a good or a bad thing? Should schools build-in service fees or handling charge as part of the cost of student uniforms?

It depends on how the production cost is structured.

The important thing for parents is that uniforms should be of high quality so that they last longer, thereby guaranteeing that parents will spend less in the long-term.

Uniforms should also be worth the material from which they are sown. Students should be able to wear uniforms with pride.

This is a wakeup call to school authorities.

Give us style! Give us class!

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