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School safety is an important factor to consider when setting up a school. Parents are particularly concerned about school security and school safety because no right-thinking parent want to lose their kids to accident or security lapses in a school.

So, how safe is your school?

Most school proprietors will quickly answer yes to the above question. And their answer will likely be based on the fact that they have a few old-fashioned, weak-looking old men posted as security guards at the gate to their schools.

Security me do not offer safety. At best, they offer some semblance of security.

So, let's distinguish between school safety and school security.

Safety, in this context, is about keeping the school environment free of hazardous situations that could put at risk the lives of students or school pupils.

There are two areas to watch out for when it comes to safety . . .

1. Unsafe conditions and

2. Unsafe acts

Unsafe conditions refer to situations or circumstances that jeopardize the safety of your students. Good examples of unsafe conditions are . . .

  • slippery floor
  • steep stairways
  • staircase without hand rails
  • hazardous chemicals in the school environment
  • readily inflammable substances in the school environment especially close to generators
  • single doors in classrooms and schools without fire exit
  • crowded classrooms
  • swings without soft landings nearby
  • single and narrow gate into the school premises
  • . . . and more.

    Slippery floors, steep stairways, and stairways without handrails all create opportunities for students to slip and fall. They are unsafe conditions that should be dealt with immediately.

    Hazardous chemicals in the school environment can lead to gas poisoning. And highly inflammables substances can start a wild fire.

    Crowded classrooms, classrooms with single doors, and narrow single exit gates can all result in students stepping on each other in the event of a fire or any other panicky situation. All of this jeopardize school safety.

    Let me ask you again, "How safe is your school?"

    The truth is . . . a large percentage of schools in Lagos Nigeria are not safe in the accepted sense of the word.

    Classrooms are crowded . . . obviously, more money for the school but then more jeopardy for student safety.

    Fire exits and fire extinguishers are missing, fire drill is not a culture, and there is general lack of knowledge about safety among students.

    If you are a school owner, you need to fix these safety issues urgently, if they exist in your school.

    The key to profitable school operation in Lagos Nigeria is safety.

    If a child's life is compromised or ruined because you failed to do what is reasonably practicable to guarantee students' safety in your school, you will find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

    Besides, the parents of the kids affected by a tragedy in your school may not take it lying low. They could take vengeance on you.

    In addition, you risk losing you school's patronage and profitability as other parents begin to withdraw their kids from your school enmass because of safety concerns.

    You certainly don't want a crisis to happen in your school. So make safety a priority in your school . . . NOW!

    A few words about school security.

    There are often reports of missing kids especially during the 'ember' months. That is, September to December.

    Stories of ritual killings make the rounds in Lagos Nigeria and most parts of the country during this period as people prepare for Christmas and the urge to make quick money for Christmas parties heats up.

    Some years back, a young boy was beaten up around Cement bus stop area in Lagos because he was accused of taking school kids to ritual killers for money making purposes.

    How true those stories are, I don't know. But the missing people reports certainly increase around the 'ember' months.

    If you own a school, ensure that school security is taken seriously as you improve on your school safety record.

    There is nothing as disastrous as parents pouncing on you because their kids didn't get back from school. Rumours about missing kids in your school won't do your school much good.

    So, make safety and security the practice in your school.

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