School For Sale Lagos Nigeria - Nursery And Primary School For Sale In Lagos

School For Sale Lagos Nigeria: Want to buy nursery school in Lagos Nigeria?

Want a profitable nursery and primary school you can buy, transform to your taste, and generate steady income from in Lagos Nigeria?

Guess what.

We have exactly what you're looking for.

nursery and primary school for sale lagos nigeria

We have been authorized to sell a nursery & primary school located at new oko-oba Abule-Egba axis of Lagos Nigeria and near Agbado crossing.

Please note that Agbado crossing is different from Alagbado.

This nursery and primary school for sale in Lagos Nigeria is located around new oko-oba Abule Egba and one bus stop from Agbado crossing.

How do you get to Agbado crossing from, say, Ikeja?

From Ikeja bus stop (under bridge) take bus going to Iju Ishaga. And from Iju Ishaga take another bus going to Agbado crossing.

It's as simple as that!

Primary And Nursery School For Sale - The Property Size

The nursery and primary school for sale is on one plot of land.

This plot of land has buildings comprising:

a) 2 units of 3 bedroom flat

b) 3 room bq with toilet + bath and kitchen and

c) 2 units of single room office space

Total number of classes: 17 classes (alternatively, 16 classes + 1 office)

Total pupil/student capacity: 200 - 220

School Financial Analysis - Show Me The Money!

Right now you're probably wondering, "why should I buy this school? How much can I make from it?"

I understand that this is business. So, I will take the next few minutes to show you the potential of this school.

Please take a look at the financial analysis below.

Financial Analysis

Average school fees: 5,000 Naira per pupil

Suppose you have 200 pupils in the school. The earnings per term will be 5,000 x 200 = 1,000,000 Naira

Number of terms per year = 3

Total earnings per year from this nursery and primary school will be = 1,000,000 x 3 = 3 million Naira

Selling price of the school is . . . 16 million Naira.

The payback period is . . . 5.4 years.

nursery school for sale lagos nigeria

This means you can recover your investment in just 5.4 years!

This is cool!

Wait a minute.

Suppose you decide to upgrade the school and therefore upgrade the school fee.

Suppose you increase the school fees from 5,000 - 7,000 Naira per pupil.

In that case, your earnings per year will be . . .

7,000 x 200 x 3 = 4.2 million Naira per year

And your payback period will be just 3.9 years.

Guess what.

If you're ambitious and go upscale, you could RE-BRAND THE SCHOOL, re-structure the marketing slogan and team, and charge as much as 15,000 Naira per child.

If you do that successfully, you could break even and turn profit in LESS THAN two years.

Oh yes! This is a great opportunity to make money from school business in Lagos Nigeria!

~ ~ ~Sidebar: Competition Analysis

About Tuition Fees: A similar nursery and primary school one street away (on a rough untarred road) charges 8,000 Naira per child per term. A premium school 3 streets away (on a tarred road) charges about 30,000 Naira per child per term.

The buyer who becomes the new school owner can definitely optimize price and rake in more money from the school.

~ ~ ~

Here's the really beautiful part.

The main building is decked and so is the boys quarter (bq). This means the buyer can build a second floor and double the student capacity . . . and the earnings per year.

This is simply fantastic!

School Business Is Booming In Lagos!

Why is buying this nursery and primary school for sale in Lagos Nigeria such a big deal?

Simple reason . . . school business is booming in Lagos Nigeria!

Check out all the schools in Lagos.

primary school for sale lagos nigeria

They start with one branch then they open another and another and another.

Guess what.

Soon the proprietor or proprietress becomes absolutely rich beyond his or her dreams.


If school business is booming so much, why is the owner selling?

The owner is selling the school because he is relocating from Lagos.

Bottom line.

If you've been thinking of investing in school business, this is just the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Best of all, you will be buying a fully functioning school . . . no need to start from scratch and face all the headache of new business start-ups.

Ready to make good money from school business in Lagos Nigeria?

Want to buy this school?

Simply call Samson Itoje on 07086459367 or 08033290430 to book a tour of the school.

Alternatively, fill the form below to contact Samson and indicate your interest to buy this primary and nursery school for sale in Lagos Nigeria.

P.S: The title of this school property is C of O and the school is fully functional. The school is in session right now. Reason for selling: The owner is relocating from Lagos.


You can also pay for this school in installment.

Purchase Price (if you wish to pay in installment): 20 million Naira

Payment Breakdown for Payment In Installment: Pay 12 million Naira immediately and pay balance of 8 million Naira over 36 months.

Call 07086459367 or 08033290430 to indicate your interest or simply fill the form below.

I Want To Buy It

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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