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School directory with information about schools in Lagos Nigeria. This schools directory provides all the details you need to make the right choice.

This directory was set up with one purpose in mind . . . to provide easy access to information about schools in Lagos Nigeria and indeed the whole of Nigeria.

There is something we don't do quite well in Nigeria - we don't have a master database of information about key aspects of our country.

For example, we don't have . . .

  • online real estate database of all properties available in Nigeria
  • online database of all hospitals available in Nigeria
  • online database of registered businesses in Nigeria

    . . . and more.

    Bottom line.

    We are not good at keeping data . . . even life-saving data.

    The purpose of this Nigerian school directory is to change that.

    This directory brings to Nigerians and the global community worldwide solid down-to-earth information about Lagos schools and Nigerian schools in virtually every part of the country.

    Information For School Owners

    School owners have the unique privilege of making information about their school available online to the global community. This benefits both the school owners and potential students and parents searching for the school of their choice.

    This means that you don't need to spend an awesome amount of money setting up a web site about your school. Simply use the free web hosting service provided for Lagos schools - as well as all Nigerian schools - on this web site.

    Wait. Is it really free?

    Of course!

    Great. So, how does it work?

    It's a really simple process. It takes about 3 minutes.

    Simply follow the 3 steps below.

    1. Provide information about your school

    This includes school name, location, phone numbers, email address etc

    2. Provide school registration information

    Supply details about the procedure for registering new students in your school.

    This enables potential students to come prepared and reduces the back and forth hassles of the registration and admission process.

    3. Provide information about your school management team

    Parents want to be sure they are handing over their kids to professionals. This is an opportunity to sell your school to parents and potential students.

    What is special about your management staff? Why should parents bring their kids to your school?

    What do you do differently?

    Sell your school to the outside world!

    Simply use the form below.

    Information For Potential
    Students And Parents

    Searching for a school for yourself or your kids?

    Browse the directory using the links below.

    Take your time and do proper research.

    This is your children's future. Secure it with solid education from a solid school.

    Lagos School Directory Links

    Lagos Nursery Schools Directory

    Lagos Primary Schools Directory

    Lagos Secondary Schools Directory

    Schools Outside Lagos

    Nursery Schools Outside Lagos

    Primary Schools Outside Lagos

    Secondary Schools Outside Lagos

    Other School Information Links

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    Elementary School

    School Bus

    School Days

    School Safety

    School Uniforms

    Home School

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