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School bus has become an essential part of the school system in Lagos Nigeria. Most schools now have school buses that provide an easier means for pupils and students to get to school.

What is the advantage of a student bus service provided by a school?

There are obviously a number of advantages.

1. Door to door pickup by student bus service means that there is one less thing for parents to worry about

2. Student bus service offered by schools also do return trips. That is, door to door drop off of kids from school

3. Timeliness of buses means kids are certain to get to school early irrespective of issues at home

4. Transportation cost is leveraged because the bus fees for the average school student bus is fair and somewhat lower than paying daily transportation for your kids. For example, one school charges 6,000 Naira per term of three months for school bus service. That is an average of 2,000 Naira per month. That is cheap!

5. Student safety - Student bus service assures safety of your kids to and from school

6. Good company - Kids who use the student bus service provided by schools miss being caught up in roudy bus stops with the public and avoid unnecessary hassles along the way home. They also avoid mixing with the wrong company as the buses take them straight home from school.

You could add a few more advantages to the list above if you think about it long enough.

Bottom line.

The bus service provided by Lagos schools is a WIN-WIN deal for parents and the school . . . especially for parents without family car and a driver to pick up the kids after school hours.

Unfortunately, not every school in Lagos Nigeria offer a bus shuttle service for students and pupils of their school. For those who do, not all parents who should patronage the service.

Schools without a bus service for students should seriously consider adding this to the services provided to parents and students. It is a value-adding service that greatly enhances the patronage of your school.

If you are a parent who is not yet using the bus shuttle provided by your child's school, it's time to do a re-think, especially if you are so busy that you are not 100 percent available to pick your kids from school daily.

Think safety. Think value.

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