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Scammed by Allen Chantez Who Claimed He Knocked Down A Boy In An Accident In Lagos Nigeria

by Hazel Adamson
(Wales UK)

I met a man named Allen Chantez (not sure if name spelt properly) on the internet in March 2008. His e-mail contact name was lonelyallen1@hotmail.com. I think that is correct.

He said he was living in London but was going to Lagos on business, which I believed he did. I received a couple of phone calls and some texts from him (I do not have those details now as I have changed my phone).

However, after a few days of his arrival in Lagos he sent me an urgent text saying that he needed help. He said he had had an accident and had run down a small boy who was seriously injured and he needed money to pay for the child's treatment. (He also said that he was in trouble with the police because of the accident and they were going to arrest him).

He asked me for some money to pay for the boy's treatment and I, foolishly, sent him £1000 via Western Union at Thomas Cook in my nearby town of Shrewsbury. ( I still have these details)

The money was sent in cash to a HARUNDA ISHOLA at 55 Medical Road, Anthony, Lagos, Nigeria 23401.

He then contacted me again and asked for another £300 so that he could get his passport back from the police so that he could return home and pay me. I did not send him the £300 and, needless to say, I never heard from him again.

What is worse is that I almost fell for another scam. I recently met a man on Mate1 named Michael Rogers, who in his profile professed to be an honest and quite religious man. He sent me many kind messages and quoted several religious passages.

I told him my tale about Allen Sanchez and he said he had a friend in the FBI whom he supposedly put me in touch with and said he would get my money back from Allen Sanchez and compensation from the Government of Nigeria.

I contacted this fbi agent "ROBERT S MUELLER' who wrote to me immediately saying he could help me and was already in Africa investigating other scams.

I read through his email and saw that the correspondence was not written very well and I would have expected it to be more professional for an FBI agent. (He sent me a photograph of his identity and signature and also pictures of two 'wanted men').

I immediately saw through this and contacted Michael Rogers (his email address is:- loving. man2g9@hotmail.com

I would ask anyone to be aware of any offers or promises of love and affection and romantic ventures.

Do Not Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve And Always Be Cautious Of These Unscrupulous Men Trying To Play With Your Emotions. I Have Learnt A Hard Lesson.

Please Do Not Let It Happen To You!

They May Send You Photographs Of People Who Are Not Them And Claim To Be Caucasion.

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Jul 26, 2010
big lies
by: Anonymous

This is a big lie: I received email form South Africa that I have won some money
That i has to send my Full name
Contact Address
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Marital Status
My Date of birth
And i send all information that they ask me to send and i received my £1,000,000.00
Thank for Yahoo Awards Center

Mar 17, 2010
Michael Rogers
by: Anonymous

I believe I've been contacted by this man... It's been very strange, and his email address was the same as was listed here, along with his name being the same... And too, the content of his emails are very much the same...

I've never talked to him, but it seems a bit strange when someone you've never meet starts saying things that you would expect only to hear from a person you have a close relationship with...

I'm not lonely and I don't fear being alone, so it would be a "no-sale" here... It's amazing what folks will do to take advantage of others... I'd like to see them caught and have to answer for their actions... Maybe not in this life time, but they will have to answer for themselves eventually...

Thanks for this posting... Have a good day...

Jan 09, 2010
Scammers strike as many times as you let them!
by: Moira

I bet all of the men who contacted you were actually the same guy. Once a criminal determines you will fall for his scams he will keep trying to milk you as many times as possible.

The UK foreign office would have helped the man in Nigeria if he had actually hurt a boy. You shouldn't have sent money to a virtual stranger.

I've heard this happens a lot on Mate1.

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