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Scam Story From lisa fele from stoke on trent england

by stuart dumbill
(stoke on trent england)

met the girl on flirtbox.co.uk, chatted for 12 months then she said she wanted to be with me and wanted £2000 for flight, so called bta, i sent it then the problems started.

cutting a long story short in 4yrs i sent over £74,000 to her. i lost my business and home and im now in poverty and in massive debt.

i said to her i wasnt sending her anymore and she told me to drop dead.

i tried to call her and now her phone is no longer working, so dont get fooled folks like i did.

i will write a detailed account soon

Reply By Samson, Lagos Nigeria Real Estate Advisor

This account doesn't say exactly why you kept sending her money.

Is there a background story here? Is there a pattern others should be aware of so they don't get scammed like you were?

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Sep 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

Some times people only talk because they has a big mouth to do so...Unfortunately you never know what would happened to you, some thing not to many people have in their heart.....(3) little words. faithful,trust/honesty.

Some people must understand,,,there are still some good ones..Not all Nigerian's are bad,but under every leper,there's a secret. we don't know who to trust...

Some times people do ask for help! not knowing what they're up too...Some would go to the length and photograph sick people from their hospital beds who's suffering from cancer,,, and send you those photos to fool the innocent on line to scam them..

Some people like my self who been a victim of an internet scam, made me much wiser... I would never find my self making that same mistake again..

I don't care if you are or what you are suffering from...

I rather take my money I work hard for and travel around the world..

Any one with a kind heart could be scammed even without realizing it! not until after that person no longer corresponding with you! or when their phone service no longer working because they do changed their numbers.

Even the insurance do scam you out your own money when they steal it......

Trust no one on line......Please don't matter how they begged or even wanting your bank account or your credit,never enclose those pin numbers.Because you would able to live with your self ...... Thanks for reading.

Aug 20, 2010
Mumu is Worrying You now!!!!
by: Anonymous

Hello,dont mind dat Mumu.How can u send 74,000 pound to a girl u dont know and av nt seen life b4?For wat?He is just a Baga!May he never wake up from his slumber at wat age?????Pls find out and tell me.Thank You sir.

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