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SBI training Lagos Nigeria - I am offering a comprehensive Site Build It training for folks interested in pursuing their passion . . . people interested in turning their knowledge into an income generating business website.

This SBI training is a practical session where I will take you step by step through the SBI action guide (AG).

The AG is divided into 10 days. The 10-days actually represent the 10-steps you will follow to build your business or hobby website using the online business software called Site Build It (SBI).

This SBI training is geared towards helping people start their own home based business centred around their hobby or passion.

If you know something about anything and you will love to use the internet to grow that knowledge into an online business that generates income for you month after month, then you should attend this practical Site Build It training.

This is an opportunity you should not miss if you desire to be your own boss.

About SBI - The Website Building And Marketing Software

If you are new to the internet or to the concept of website building, you may be at a loss as to what this discussion is about.

samson itoje sbi training instructor and webmaster lagos nigeria africa

Perhaps you're not new to website building but you're new to SBI. So, naturally, you may wonder what SBI (Site Build It) is all about.

Let me explain.

Site Build It (SBI) is an online business building software that helps web professionals and newbies build high traffic hobby or business websites that generate income for the owners.

In fact, SBI has helped hundreds of thousands of small business people and subject enthusiasts to build business and hobby websites that out-perform the websites of large corporations.

How is SBI able to accomplish this?

It's because SBI is an online business software that simplifies the process of building a web business such that clients do not need to learn any internet programming language before they can build a thriving internet business.

Site Build it (SBI) keeps the process simple and straightforward. All you need to do to succeed is to read the SBI manual called the Action Guide and actually execute the actions explained in the manual using the software, SBI.

Wait, wait.

Why attend an SBI training (or Site Build It training) when the SBI manual already explains it all?

The reason is simple.

It's easier and faster to learn something when someone explains it to you than when you have to read it yourself.

Here are the benefits of attending an instructor-led training.

1. You learn faster when you attend a SBI training where you see the instructor face to face

2. The written word carries special meaning when you attend a live training

3. You can ask questions about stuff or procedures that you don't understand and get an answer immediately

4. Your hobby or business website will be up in a matter of days when you attend a live training. It could take you months to do this when you have to do it yourself by reading the manual.

5. You have the opportunity to continue to learn from the SBI training instructor who facilitated the Site Build It training long after the training is over

The truth is this . . . attending a live training on a subject, any subject, is ten times better than reading a book about that subject.

My advice?

Attend the SBI training. The practical one-on-one session will accelerate your knowledge and understanding.

There's nothing like it.

Get Your Business or Hobby Website Up
In 72 Hours Or Less!

The Site Build It Fast Track Training!

This Site Build It training is what I call the SBI Fast track training.

Why 'fast track'?

It's because this training helps you get your hobby or business website up in 72 hours or less.


Well, this SBI training is a four-day training lasting five hours per day for four days.

During the training period, I will take you through the SBI action guide and explain step by step what it all means. And you will have 100 percent access to the SBI online business software and build your business or hobby website every step of the way as the training progresses.

By the third or fourth day (depending on you), your website will be live.

Bottom line.

You will walk away from this SBI training with a fully functional hobby or business website . . . your own business or hobby website built by you during the training sessions and which you can continue to grow and expand after the training is long over.

Remember . . . this Site Build It training is about helping you build a long-term ever-growing online business using the best online business software in the world.

What People Are Saying About SBI

SBI is undoubtedly the best online business building software. It is the very same software I used to build this Lagos Nigeria real estate website

How profitable is it to build a web business with SBI?

Listen to what SBI clients have to say.

"So there I was half way around the world hanging out with my daughter on vacation and all of my websites kept percolating away on automatic pilot.

"Then when I got home two weeks later the mailbox was full of checks from my various writing related income streams! If only such a business model had been available 20 years ago! I would have dropped that mind-numbing paycheck-to-paycheck government career a lot sooner than I did." ~ Shaun Fawcett; WritingHelp-Central

"The only way you will really "get" SBI! is to use it yourself. We have used it for over 4 years now and it keeps evolving and getting better. It is the center of our business and it has taught us about marketing on the web in a way that no other tool could have. SBI has created a business for us that brings us wealth, independence and a feeling of being in control of our lives. It will do the same for you if you let it. That's it. It is that simple". ~ Jerry Mack,

Job Satisfaction, Freedom, And

Here's the sad fact of life.

Everyone knows something about something. But only a few people take the bold step to turn their knowledge into a business where they become the CEO and others work for them.

The majority of people actually prefer to get paid employment where they earn a fixed salary month after month. That is okay except for the fact that many people are not satisfied with their jobs. Over 70 percent of workers actually want a career change.

They want a better life!

You know why?

Simple. Their jobs have nothing to do with their inner desires. Their passion is different from their jobs.

This disconnect eventually results in dissatisfaction, irrespective of how highly paid they may be.

The solution?

Attend this SBI training where I will teach you how to create a website that helps you generate income from your knowledge and passion.

Therefore this SBI training is not just about building a website that generates income for you. It's actually about helping you fulfill your dreams, your heart's desires. And when you fulfill your heart's desire, you become a happier and more satisfied person.

This is about freedom and fulfillment!

If happiness, peace of mind, freedom, and self sustenance is important to you, then fill the form below and register for the Site Build It training.

Training Format And Date

This SBI training is a practical training session where participants are taught how to use the SBI software tools to create a popular high -traffic hobby or business website that will generate income for them month after month, year on year.

See course date and time below.

Course Title: How To Build A Successful Business Using The Internet

Date: Pick a date

Time: 9.00am - 3.00pm daily (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday)

Venue: Funmi Faith School Complex,
25b Surulere Oderemi Abatan Street,
Off Okhide Street,
Ile-Ishe Bus Stop (near Agbado crossing),
Agbado Lagos.

Course Fee: =N=145,000 per participant

Course Fee For upto 10 participants: =N=95,000 per participant

Facilitator: Samson Itoje, CEO Seamless Solutions & author of (this website)

Course Payment

Please pay to:

Account Name: Seamless Solutions

Account Number: 00730160012567

Bank: UBA

Branch: Any branch

Please note that a seat will be reserved for you after your payment is confirmed.

This is a high-profile course. Don't miss it for anything in the world.

Click HERE to see the SBI training curriculum.

Course Pre-Requisites

To participate in this Solo Build It training, you should meet the following pre-requisite (in addition to paying the training fee).

1. You should know how to read and write English

2. You should come with your own laptop (bought or rented)

3. Your laptop should have internet access

Endeavour to pay the training fee to the account above at least 2 days before the course commences so your tools can be made ready before the course date.

Please fill the Solo Build It training registration form below to book your seat. Only 10 seats available.

P.S: The course fee shown above includes 1 year subscription to Solo Build It - the internet business software used for the training.

P.P.S: This is an exclusive training for those who know the value. If you understand the unique value of owning a web site and the benefits of doing it yourself, signup for the course using the form below. Don't know the value? Don't bother.

Register For The Training

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.



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