SBI Training Curriculum – The Curriculum For The 3-Day SBI Online Business Course

How To Build A Successful Business Using The Internet

sbi online business training curriculum lagos nigeria africa

SBI training curriculum Lagos Nigeria - The online business training curriculum.

Below is the curriculum for the 3-day SBI online business course.

Course title: How To Build A Successful Business Using The Internet

Course Duration: 3 days, 9am - 3pm daily

Week day classes: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Weekend classes: 3 Saturdays, 9am - 3pm each Saturday

See the topics to be covered each day, for the three days, below.

First Class - Day 1

1. Introduction to internet business

2. Ingredients for success - SBI & BAM

3. SBI Action Guide – The 10-DAY BIG Picture

4. Online business process – CTPM

5. Identifying your passion

6. Site Concept Development

7. Brainstorm Profitable Topics using SBI brainstormer

8. Keyword analysis - demand/supply/profitability

9. Valuable Preselling Proposition - VPP

10. Keyword focused content pages (KFCP) defined

11. Investigate & Plan Monetization Options - How will you make money? (Google Adsense, ebook publishing, affiliate programs etc)

12. Adsensability: Adsense revenue potential analysis

13. Refine site concept & craft domain name

14. Site legalities - avoiding patent violation

15. Page building basics - page name, page title, keywords, description, body copy, footer, navigation bar etc

17. The 3-TIER site structure overview - SBI 3-tier structure, keywords grouping

16. Homework

Second Class - Day 2

1. Register domain name

2. Site look & feel - choose & modify site template

3. The 3-TIER site structure - a closer look

4. Site content blueprint development

5. Introduction to web site content writing and Pre-selling

6. Introduction to SBI Page builder

7. Web site home page writing

8. Edit/refine site home page. Upload/publish site home page.

9. Introduction to SBI's Site Central - graphic library, link library, form built it! library, content 2.0 library etc

10. Web site contact page/feedback page writing & upload

11. Introduction to forms - Form creation using SBI's Form Build It! module

12. Web site (official) Email creation

13. Web site footer creation

14. Introduction to links - internal link structure & external links

15. Introduction to SBI's socialize it! module - Facebook & twitter integration into site

16. Introduction to Image creation and upload - SBI's Picnik It! Module

17. HomeWork

Third Class - Day 3

1. Add image to site home page

2. Add image to feedback page

3. Edit site top image

4. Introduction to RSS; Create site RSS page

5. Create site Ask the expert page/stories submission page/comments page

6. SBI Content 2.0 module - User submission form creation & editing

7. Create site newsletter subscription page

8. Introduction to newsleters; Web site newsletter creation & marketing - SBI mailout manager module

9. Web site right-hand column creation & uses

10. Submit site to Google search engine

11. Submit site to Yahoo search engine

12. Submit site to Bing search engine

13. How to build Free Traffic - link building, value exchange, article marketing etc

14. Social media marketing - facebook, twitter etc

15. Press release strategies

16. Introduction to SBI resources: SBI Forum, Tips & Techniques HQ, Monetization HQ etc

17. Monetization techniques: Selling hard goods, selling e-products (e.g. ebooks, downloadable software etc), and selling services

18. Monetization techniques: Affiliate programs - pay per lead, pay per sale, and pay per click (e.g. Google Adsense)

19. Monetization techniques: Selling advertising

20. Monetization techniques: Network marketing

21. Online payment processors: Clickbank, Paypal, 2checkout, Alertpay etc

22. Receiving payments in Nigeria: international cheque payment, bank wire, offline payments etc

23. Post course assignment

Who Should Attend This Course?

Who should attend this online business training?

This SBI online business training is for you if you are a . . .

  • Student
  • Retiree
  • Stay at home mom
  • work at home mom (or dad)
  • Investor
  • Small business person
  • Web professional (webmaster)
  • Self employed person
  • Hobbyist
  • Freelance writer
  • Journalist

    . . . and anyone looking for a second income or anyone who wants to start and run a home based internet business.

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