SBI Site Building Process Nigeria – Step By Step Guide To Build Online Business

SBI site building process Lagos Nigeria and worldwide - Screen shots & Guide To Create A Website That Make Money With Site Build It!

This page is part of a five-part series that shows clearly why choosing the right web site builder is key to building a successful and profitable online business.

In chapter one I showed you why many web site builders used for building websites just are not right for you and why the software companies are the one that profit from these schemes and not you.

In Chapter two I explained to you the right process to build a website, the S-B-C-P-P-T-M process.

Click HERE for a brief explanation of the meaning of the acronym above if you have not read that article.

In chapter three I discussed the right tools to execute this process flawlessly . . . the tools that help you implement this process so that you can build a website that make money day after day, month after month.

In chapter four I introduced you to the Site Build It process, the SBI site building process. Actually, I introduced you to Site Build It! (SBI!) in that chapter and showed you the benefits of using SBI! for your web site building.

I also told you that I recommend SBI! because it's the very same web site building software I use and that it is simple to use and heavily supported so you can succeed.

I love SBI! and promote it because it's a company that is committed to the success of it's customers. New features are introduced again and again to help you make even more money.

Guess what.

The price stays the same irrespective of what new features are added, irrespective of how much extra money you can make with the new additions to Site Build It!

That is a company I like to work with!

Now, let me take you behind the scene to see how Site Build It! (SBI!) really works.

The SBI! Process - Business Building At Its Best!

Subscription to the SBI! web site building software cost $299 USD per year. There is no software to download.

The SBI! website building software is server based. That means your subscription gives you a pass to log into the system and use the software to build your web site using the SBI site building process.

Remember . . . SBI! executes the S-B-C-P-P-T-M process seamlessly.

So, what is the first thing to do after you order SBI!?

The SBI! Action Guide

When most people buy a piece of equipment, they are anxious to start using it right away. But what does the manufacturer recommend?

Almost all manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment recommend that customers read the manufacturer's manual before they start using the equipment purchased.

Unfortunately, most don't. Happily, many people get away with it.

How does this relate to SBI!?

When you order SBI!, the first thing you are told to do is to read the SBI! manual called the Action Guide (AG).

It is called the action guide for a reason . . . it is the guide that shows you the specific actions to take and when to take them in order to succeed with your e-business.

Don't skip the AG or skim or rush through it. If you do, it's a decision you will regret.

SBI! is an online business building suite of software. It's about building a business NOT just a web site. And every businessman knows that successful businesses follow a methodology.

SBI! follows a methodology, a process . . . the SBI site building process. That is why people who subscribe to SBI! start by reading the manual so they get a clear understanding of the process. Those who implement the guidelines in the manual succeed big time.

So, if you want to succeed online, start by ordering SBI! Then read the manual. It will teach you the SBI site building process over 90% of people who build websites don't follow . . . a process that results in success.

SBI! 10 Day Process

The SBI process is divided into a 10-day process or steps. So in the Action Guide (AG), you will find that the discussion is broken into a 10-day discussion.

SBI action guide

There is an introduction section then there are days 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . 10.

Does this mean that you have to complete the action guide in 10 days?

Of course, not.

The 10-day process is a simple method to break down the actions you need to take into manageable steps. Therefore, a day in the action guide refers to a group of actions you need to take to achieve a particular goal.

It may take Jack 2 days to complete day 1 while Juliet may complete day 1 in 4 days because of her schedule.

The truth is . . . it doesn't matter how long it takes you to complete a day.

Remember, you're building a business here. So it's not how fast you complete the days and put up a site. What matters in business is the foundation you lay for the business and how you build on that foundation.

The SBI site building process helps you lay a solid foundation for an ever-growing business. So, don't rush through it. Read the AG, understand it, do the tasks . . . and succeed.

The screen shot above shows the SBI action guide. It's your ticket to the good life.

Click HERE to see full-screen view of the SBI! action guide.

Here's the good part.

The Action Guide comes in written and video format. So if you're not great at reading new stuff, just sit back and watch the video.

Developing A Site Concept

You already have a concept for your site?

Most people do, even before they actually subscribe to a web site building software.

However, with SBI process, you will learn . . .

  • a new way to evaluate website concepts
  • how to determine if the concept you have in mind will be profitable or not
  • how to refine the concept you have and turn it into a Valuable Preselling Proposition (VPP)

    . . . and all the tiny bit of information you need to turn your idea into an award-winning online business . . . a business that attract thousands of motivated visitors and that generate income for you.

    Brainstorming Your Site Concept

    Brainstorming is the process where you research the internet using the SBI! brainstormer called Brainstorm It!

    sbi keyword brainstorming software

    Brainstorm It! pulls out search data used by people who search the internet and then it brings back the keywords people use to search for the subject area you are interested in.

    In simple words . . . the SBI! keyword brainstormer lets you get into the minds of your potential customers to see what they are searching for online. You can then use those same keywords to build web pages on your web site and therefore attract people within your target market to your business.

    What's the value of having people in your target market call you?

    It's pretty obvious.

    They are already motivated buyers. They know what they want and they are ready to buy it. So, when you build your web site using this process and this group of motivated buyers find you, they simply call you to pay for your services.

    That is why you make money with your SBI! web site. It brings to you customers ready to buy whatever it is you sell.

    The process works. I am a living example.

    Developing Your Site Blue Print

    After assembling all the keywords related to your site concept using the SBI! brainstormer, the next step is to develop your site blue print or the structure of your site.

    What pages should you write first? What keywords go for what pages? How do the pages link to each other?

    You answer all of these questions when developing your blue print based on the keywords the SBI keyword brainstormer pulls back from the internet global search database.

    This is a brief introduction. This information is covered exhaustively in day 3 of the SBI action guide.

    Registering Your Domain Name

    Once you have fully developed your site concept and your site blue print using the SBI site building process, the next step is to register your domain name.

    I hope you understand what has happened so far.

    1. You have researched the site concepts that reflects your passion, knowledge and experience

    2. You have chosen a primary site concept based on the results of your research using the SBI brainstormer

    3. You have refined that concept further by using SBI's advanced brainstorming tools

    4. You now have a set of keywords that all tie into a theme

    5. You are now ready to give your site a name that effective captures the theme of your site

    So, now you chose a name that carries your primary site concept and keyword.

    What's next?

    You register the domain name.

    Now you truly have a web site!

    But it's still empty . . . you have not added content yet.

    But don't worry. SBI contains all the tools to easily add content to your site.

    Remember, we are following the SBI site building process. And the SBI process has helped thousands of small business people create truly amazing web business that surpass those of large companies with big bucks.

    The secret of SBI?

    It follows a process that works. If you follow that process, you will succeed with your SBI web site.

    Now, let's talk about how SBI helps you add content to your web site.

    Building Content For Your Site - How To Build A Web Page

    Once you have registered your domain name, you can then . . .

  • Log into 'Site Central' (contains all the functions for managing your new site)
  • Access web site templates for building your site
  • Add images to your site
  • Create articles centred around the keywords for your site

    But suppose you don't know HTML or any such language used by internet programmers?

    No problem. You don't need to know Html to build web sites that generate income if you use the SBI site building process.

    You simply . . .

  • Choose a template you wish to use for your site
  • Customize the template to your taste using SBI process tools (all comes with your SBI subscription)
  • Write out your site content (article) in, say, Wordpad or Notepad (or any other word editor)
  • Open the block-by-block page builder
  • Copy and paste your article from the word document into the page
  • Preview the page
  • Upload the page

    It's that simple. Heck, everything in SBI is made simple so you can focus on growing your business instead of struggling with technology or some hard-to-learn programming language.

    The three screen shot below shows the page builder when I was adding information to it and the final page after I uploaded it.

    It's dead simple. It's just a copy, preview, and upload process.

    Click HERE to see how simple the web page builder is.

    At this point, there is no content.

    Now Click HERE to see the page builder after I have added content.

    This is a long page. Therefore you cannot see it in one screen.

    Now Click HERE to see the second half of the page while I was building it.

    Now Click HERE to see the bottom half of the page.

    This is me building my contact page.

    Now, Click HERE to see a preview of the contact page after I finished it.

    See what I mean?

    Web pages are dead simple to build with Site Build It! No HTML or programming knowledge is required.

    It's simply copy-paste-build. And anybody can do that.

    Taking Care of Business

    SBI is built to help the average person succeed even without prior internet experience.

    All you have to do to succeed is . . . read the SBI action guide. And follow the steps as discussed. You have no choice but to succeed.

    Why is success sure?

    It's because it's a business building process that works. It's a process that gives you insight into your customer's needs right before you start developing your website. And then helps you fulfill those needs by providing you the software tools and the education to help you do so perfectly.

    Bottom line.

    You get loyal customers who are happy with your service. So you make money continuously . . . day after day, month after month.

    How To Order Site Build It!

    How do you order Site Build It!?

    You can order directly through the SBI! order page or through me.

    I use SBI! so I know it's value. I know that it's the perfect solution to building a long-term ever-growing online business whether you're a web professional or someone new to the internet.

    Let me tell you a little secret.

    I built four different web sites with other web hosting systems before I found SBI! Believe me, none of those web sites made me any money for all the years they were up.

    In fact, my results were so poor that I almost gave up hope that I could ever make any money on the internet.

    Then I stumbled on a site of an SBI! user who was also an affiliate of Site Build It! His personal experience touched me and I decided to take a chance with SBI! despite the fact that other systems had failed me.

    That was the first smart decision I made in my search for the ideal online business software.

    Site Build It! changed my life. And because of the steady income from my site, I was able to retire young at the early age of 40.

    Thanks to the Almighty God and my lovely online companion, SBI!

    I wanted to help others find SBI! just as that SBI! affiliate helped me find SBI! through his site. Therefore, I joined the SBI! affiliate program.

    As an affiliate and an experienced user of SBI!, I can guide you through your journey with SBI! and help you succeed with your online business.

    What do you need to do to get my attention and guidance?

    Simply Click HERE TO Order SBI!

    My Gift To You

    If you order SBI through the link above, you become a member of my team.

    What do you benefit from becoming a member of my SBI team?

    First, you get free mentorship from me. You can ask me any question you wish. And you can benefit free from my many years of experience using and profiting from the SBI internet business software.

    Second, you get a free copy of my ebook, "How To Make Money From The Internet - A Step By Step Guide To Making Honest Income Online".

    This ebook sells for $24.95 USD on this site. But you get it absolutely free when you order SBI through the link above.

    How To Claim Your Copy of The Ebook

    To claim your copy of the ebook, simply send me your . . .

    1. Name

    2. Order number

    3. The date of purchase and

    4. Email Address

    Send this information through the contact form on this site.

    Click HERE TO Order Solo Build It!

    P.S: Solo Build It! has a 90-day money-back guarantee. Try Solo Build It! risk free and build your dream home based business.

    Click HERE TO Order Solo Build It!

    P.P.S: Don't have a credit or debit card? No problem. Simply contact us.

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