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You may not know it, but the roof contractor plays a key role in how long your house lasts. A major flaw in your roof can lead to disaster.

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How so?

Let's start by outlining the different types of roofing common in Lagos Nigeria. This
gives you the big picture. Then we conclude with tips for selection of roofing contractor.

The different types of roofing includes . . .

  • Metal roofing using Zinc roofing sheets
  • Aluminium roofing using aluminium roofing sheets
  • Asbestos roofing using asbestos roofing sheets
  • Concrete roofing or decking

These are the common roofing types in Lagos Nigeria.

The first three - using zinc, aluminium, or asbestos roofing sheets - all follow the same pattern. The only difference is the roofing material used.

The fourth - concrete roofing or decking - is different because it involves concrete work.

Concrete roofing is often done when you intend to add another floor to the basic ground floor of a house.

However, some home owners do partial or full concrete roofing using a roof contractor when they intend to use the house roof as a relaxation sport.

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Partial concrete roofing is often done for the kitchen alone to minimize the impact of fire from the kitchen if it does occur.

Full or partial concrete roofing for the purpose of creating a relaxation area on the roof of the house may also call for sheet roofing of the top area of the house to shield against the impact of the sun during usage of the area.

A mistake by a roof contractor for roofing with zinc, aluminium, or asbestos roofing sheet can always be corrected later with minimum impact on your home.

But a flaw in your decking can lead to a collapse of the decking and in fact, the building a decade or two down the road.

Therefore you need to be especially careful in this area.

Here are helpful roof contractor selection tips.

Contractor Selection Tips Lagos Nigeria

1. What experience does he have with roofing jobs? What sort of roofing is he good at?

2. Ask for specific roofing jobs he has done before. Let him show you a sample roofing job . . . one of the homes he has roofed

3. Get proof of job done. Speak to the owner of the home he claimed to have roofed. Can the home owner recommend him? Cases of collapsed buildings have become a common feature in Lagos Nigeria. Don't let your building be the next to go down in history as collapsed.

Be careful the roof contractor you choose.

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