Retirement Planning Seminar Nigeria – Practical Retirement Investment Planning Course.
Graduate With A Business
of Your Own!

Have you attended any retirement planning seminar in Nigeria before?

If you have, you would likely have noticed that majority of these retirement seminars either teach retirement investment strategies that are too complicated or too risky for retirees with fixed capital to invest in.

As a result of this, many individuals have concluded that attending retirement planning courses is a waste of precious time.

This group of individuals have decided to implement their own retirement investment planning strategy instead of learning from experts.

So, where do you belong? Which of the groups below do you belong?

Group A: I have attended a retirement investment planning seminar and it didn't benefit me.

Group B: I am planning to attend a retirement seminar but I'm yet to find one I like.

Group C: I'm too young to think about retirement

Group D: I would love to retire young . . . and retire rich. But I'm afraid I can't find a business that can replace my job. And getting another job is tough.

The good news is this . . . irrespective of the group you belong, we have a retirement planning seminar that will blow your mind.

retirement planning seminar nigeria

This retirement investment seminar is practical, down-to-earth, and juicy. And it's just the right seminar for . . .

  • Employees preparing for retirement
  • Employees looking for a second stream of income
  • Employees with entrepreneurial mindset
  • Employees looking for a business opportunity that will give them more time freedom
  • Employees who want to be in-charge of their lives and
  • Even unemployed individuals who want to start a business of their own

    Believe me, you will retire someday, whether you like it or not.

    What will happen to you when you retire?

    Will you be able to maintain your standard of living when you retire or when you're re-structured before retirement age?

    If you attend this retirement planning seminar, you stand a chance to create a cash flow system that has the potential to pay you far more than your employer is prepared to pay you by the time it's time to retire. And your standard of living could rise instead of crashing after retirement . . . if you set your heart to it, are focused and DETERMINED to make it work NO MATTER THE OBSTACLES.

    What Makes This Retirement Investment Planning Seminar Different From Others?

    The retirement planning seminar facilitated by Erimama Investment Company Limited is different because . . . .

    First, we are PRACTICAL business people.

    We are a wholly Nigerian company involved with local manufacture of transportable steel houses. We also offer income opportunity and training solutions.

    This means that we're not theoretical business people.

    Therefore, our training is practical, down-to-earth, and packed with innovation and creativity.

    Bottom line.

    We give you information you can put to use right away.

    Here's a second reason why our retirement seminar is nothing like anything you've seen before.

    The business model we recommend has been proven to produce more millionaires within a short period of time than any other low startup capital business model. And yes, it's a low startup capital business!

    This business model is the oldest form of business there is.

    This business model is . . .

  • Simple to implement
  • Does not disrupt your normal every day plans or schedule
  • Can be done part-time (during your spare time) so it does not impart your contract with your employer

    Here's a third reason why you should absolutely endeavour to attend this retirement investment planning seminar . . . whatever it takes.

    This retirement planning seminar is built around a health product. And the health industry has been predicted to be the next trillion dollar industry.

    Think about it.

    What problem will cause you to spend any amount of money to deal with immediately and decisively?

    Of course, health problems!


    Simple. "Health is wealth!"

    If you're repeatedly sick, your employer will eventually show you the door out. And if you're out of a job, you will not only have to worry about your health BUT also food, clothing, shelter . . . and more.

    That is why the health industry is the hottest selling industry right now.

    Oh, yes. You heard me correctly.

    The hottest selling product range right now for the masses is not real estate, shares, or Forex. It is health and wellness products.

    Why have health concerns become a major issue?

    It's because the majority of humans earthwide are not eating right.

    People today eat junk food, fatty foods, high cholesterol foods, and all sorts of processed food and less and less of fruits and vegetables.

    This lack of proper nutrition has given rise to an epidemic of diseases that threaten humans. And so, people everywhere are looking for a stress-free way to stay healthy.

    The health industry is thriving like never before. It's a huge market with huge income potential for you!

    Guess what.

    This retirement planning seminar will show you in practical terms how to tap into this huge market through our well-crafted and articulated retirement investment training program.

    Group Seminars

    The retirement seminar is currently offered in groups to . . .

    1. Company employees

    2. Employees of banks

    3. School teachers in private or public schools

    3. Members of cooperative societies

    4. Church members

    5. Mosque members

    6. Members of an association or club

    . . . and any other group of individuals who belong to a common organization.

    If you work for a company, a bank, a school, a cooperative society or some other organization and you want this retirement workshop organized for your members, please fill the form below and we will contact you within 48hrs with more details.

    The seminar fee is =N=95,000 per participant

    P.S: Individuals can also elect to attend this seminar. The seminar fee for individuals is =N=105,000 per individual

    Registration Form

    Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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