Restaurant Marketing Success Story Lagos Nigeria

by Samson Itoje

Restaurant Marketing Success Story Lagos Nigeria

Restaurant Marketing Success Story Lagos Nigeria

Restaurant Marketing Success Story Lagos Nigeria:

Are you a restaurant owner in Lagos Nigeria?

Want your restaurant to be one of the restaurant business success stories told in business circles in Lagos Nigeria?

Want your restaurant to be highly successful?

Want to make a lot of money from your restaurant and grow your restaurant business?

If your answer to the above questions is YES, then you need to learn the restaurant business success secret that ultimately leads to having a restaurant marketing success story.

So, what is the secret to restaurant business success?

In simple words . . . the secret to restaurant marketing success in Lagos Nigeria is sales incentives.

Restaurant Marketing And Incentives

There are two words that stand out from the restaurant business success secret mentioned above. And they are . . .

1) Marketing and

2) Incentives

Let's take a quick look at these two words.

Restaurant marketing refers to all of the activities a restaurant engages in to attract more people to eat at the restaurant.

This means that if you want to have a successful restaurant business in Lagos Nigeria, and grow that restaurant business from one branch to 10, 20 or 30 branches, you must have a cost-effective restaurant marketing strategy.

However, it is not success to engage in restaurant marketing. It is not sufficient to simply advertise your restaurant (or your restaurant menu).

Effective restaurant marketing that results in having a restaurant marketing success story must incorporate sales incentives into the marketing strategy.

What do I mean by sales incentives?

Sales incentives in this context refers to the incentives restaurant owners offer potential customers to get more people eating at their restaurant.

Here's the blunt truth . . . Your restaurant is not the only restaurant in Lagos offering excellent food in a world class environment.

Lagos Nigeria is a busy commercial city with over 20 million residents. And excellent restaurants are everywhere.

Restaurant Marketing Incentive Lagos Nigeria

Why should a potential customer stop over at your restaurant to eat and not your competitor's restaurant?

Sales incentives!

Take a moment to read the restaurant marketing success story below to understand what I mean by sales incentives.

Restaurant Marketing Success Story

A restaurant we will call MO's Cafe had a software powered customer incentive system that focused on offering birthday specials.

Below is the sales generated by MO's Cafe through its marketing software powered incentive program:

Ad Spend: =N=142,000

Restaurant Leads Acquired: 1,046

Actual Customers: 154

Revenue from software powered incentive system: =N= 1,909,465.20

Average purchase amount per customer: =N=12,399.12

Quick question: Would you like to get this kind of result?

Want to have a restaurant marketing success story?

Click HERE for a FREE DEMO of our restaurant marketing software.

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