Restaurant Advertising Software Lagos Nigeria

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Restaurant advertising is essential to getting more people eating at your restaurant, irrespective of where your restaurant is located in Lagos Nigeria.

Think about it.

What is the essence of setting up a beautiful restaurant with great food if very few people come there to eat?

Yes, as a restaurant owner, you want more and more people coming to your restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Restaurant Advertising Software Lagos Nigeria

In fact, every restaurant owner feels a sense of joy and deep satisfaction when they see hundreds of people trooping into their restaurant to enjoy the food and the customer-friendly environment.

What makes people visit a particular restaurant in large numbers while competitors have few visitors?

Simple answer . . . smart restaurant advertising.

Bottom line.

Restaurant marketing is the key to attract more customers to your restaurant.

More people eating at your restaurant EQUALS more money for you.

Want to grow your restaurant from 1, 2, 3 or 5 branches into 10, 20 or more branches?

Focus on smart restaurant advertising!

Restaurant Advertising Have Failed Many Restaurant Owners!

Experienced restaurant owners in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria have come to the understanding that they need to do more than offer great food to attract customers.

Therefore, many of them have spent the last couple of months (or years) trying out one form of advertising or another.

Many medium sized restaurants have tried out . . .

  • Radio advertising
  • Television advertising and
  • Social media advertising

Unfortunately, the results have been disappointing for many restaurant owners . . . the results have not matched their expectations.

In simple words . . . many restaurant owners have lost money through their restaurant advertising efforts.

What could be the problem?

Restaurant Marketing Software Lagos Nigeria

Why do most restaurant marketing strategies produce little to no result?

Simple answer . . . the approach is not smart enough.

For starters, radio and television advertising do not produce measurable results.

There is no automatic way to match ad spend on radio (or TV) to the number of customers that came from those ads.

Suppose a few people visit your restaurant because they heard or saw the advert on radio or TV . . .

1. The number of plates of food sold is often too little to justify continuing the ad

2. The Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is too low and

3. There is no automatic way of following up with the people who visit because of the advert

Social Media Advertising - A Smart Restaurant Marketing Strategy

What about social media advertising?

Social media advertising have the advantage of providing some measure of transparency and measurability.

Restaurant owners can start small and scale later after understanding how to reach their audience and get them to visit their restaurants.

Unfortunately, some pieces of the jig-saw puzzle is missing because many restaurant owners are still not seeing the expected results even though social media advertising is a smart way to grow a restaurant.

What is missing?

In simple words . . . what is missing is a restaurant advertising software to help restaurant owners . . .

1. Build a database of subscribers (so they can re-market to them at lower cost)

2. Automatically respond to inquiries

3. Automatically communicate with prospects (or customers)

4. Automatically send restaurant offers and deals

5. Automatically send restaurant coupons and

6. Automatically send restaurant events

Yes, you need a restaurant marketing app to automate the entire process and convert more people to paying clients of your restaurants.

Simply advertising online is not enough!

You need smart restaurant social media advertising!

Restaurant Advertising Software - High ROI Engine

Where can restaurant owners get the right restaurant marketing and sales software that will enable them build a database of customers and send them deals that will attract them to their restaurants?

Restaurant Sales And Marketing App Lagos Nigeria

The good news is . . . we offer a restaurant advertising software (the Erimama Restaurant Sales App) that provides the above-listed services that will help you get the best return on your advertising spend.

Guess what.

You can test-drive the Erimama Restaurant Sales App for FREE.

Ready to grow your restaurant business and make MORE money?

Click HERE for a FREE DEMO

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