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Rental property Lagos Nigeria is a hot topic.

Tenants complain that landlords charge exorbitant rents. Landlords say they can't help it because the cost of living in Lagos Nigeria is high. And argue that they depend on returns from their property to care for family needs.

Additionally, most landlords collect two years rent when you rent property for the first time.

That has been the unwritten rule for several years. But now many have started collecting three years
rent when you rent a house for the first time.

The three-year rent thing is not very popular yet. But it is coming.

As Lagos Nigeria get more and more congested, the demand for rental property will experience a sharp increase. A sharp increase in demand for rental property without a commensurate increase in supply will push up prices.

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High demand, short supply results in higher prices or rent. Increased rent with no significant reduction in demand will tempt greedy landlords to ask for more down payment when you rent property for the first time.

It's not here yet, but it's coming.

What can you do if you're pressed for cash or have limited resources?

How do you rent property in Lagos Nigeria without short-changing yourself even when you have enough cash?

Use the tips below.

Tips To Rent Property In Lagos Nigeria

1. Pair with a friend if you don't have enough cash to rent a flat yourself

2. Check rooms for rent if you're not comfortable with sharing a flat with someone else. You can make do with a room or two for a few years before you have the financial muscle to rent a flat.

3. Don't get disheartened by landlords who charge three-year rent for first time rent. Simply search
for another property . . . a property with rent that matches your budget.

4. If you're passionate about living in a flat and don't want to share, put off renting a home for now.

5. Find someone (e.g. a friend, a relative etc.) to hook up with for some months (or years) before
you have the financial muscle to seek out rental property.

6. Rent property through a reliable estate agent

7. Read the landlord-tenant agreement carefully before accenting to it with your signature

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8. Ask around the property neighborhood about the disposition of the landlord of the property you wish to rent, especially if the landlord lives within the same compound. Some landlords can be a real pain in the neck. So do your investigations before you rent property from any landlord.

9. Don't rent a house too far away from your place of work. It may be cheaper to rent but your transport fare to and from work may hit the roof. Then add the stress of returning home with deadly traffic jam in the evenings and it's too much to bear.

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