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Real estate school Lagos Nigeria - Nigeria is beginning to have dedicated property training institutes devoted to training aspiring real estate professionals in the business of real estate practice in Nigeria.

Prior to this era, potential real estate practitioners had the option of applying for training in any of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria offering Real Estate Management training or Quantity surveying.

With this new development, more and more people in Nigeria have the privilege of becoming adequately trained as real estate professionals in Nigeria.

Let's summarize what we have said so far.

The question is: what real estate schools are available if you wish to become a practicing property consultant in Nigeria?

The following options are available to you:

1. Apply for and become a student of one of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria offering real estate management courses

2. Register for property training courses provided by any of the recognized property institutes available in Nigeria and

3. Register as a member of the association of registered real estate agents institute sponsored by the Nigeria institute of estate surveyors and valuers of Nigeria

Please note that the Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) is primary targeted at offering professional training that qualifies students to becoming practicing estate surveyors and valuers.

However, since the real estate consultancy business is in dare need of reform, the Nigeria institute of estate surveyors and valuers has offered to help provide some sanity and professionalism in the industry.

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Consequently, it has established an property training institute, an property institute, or more correctly, a professional association of real estate professionals empowered to provide the training and professionalism that will qualify non-real estate graduates to become qualified to practice as real estate consultants.

Bottom line.

You can legally practice as a certified real estate consultant or professional is you graduate from the real estate institute powered by NIESV.

Great news, isn't it?

Of Course!

Success Versus Failure In The Real Estate Business

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"Knowledge is power".

I'm sure you've heard that cliche over and over again.

You have also heard it said that, "experience is the best teacher".

Both cliches are true.

In fact, knowledge and experience can make the difference between success and failure.

What does this have to do with your desire to become a practicing real estate consultant?

First, we recommend you attend a recognized and certified real estate school to get the basic knowledge to help yourself and your potential clients succeed.

Second, we recommend you practice for at least 6 months with a prosperous real estate agent or agency to get hands-on experience . . . experience that goes beyond
theoretical knowledge you received from the property institute you attended.

Third, we recommend you register with the real estate association in your state to get mutual support from other real estate agents in your state and tap into the network of agents and resources that will guarantee your success.

Fourth, register with the government control agency in your state to avoid problems with the law. This will also enhance your reputation with potential real estate clients and guarantee your success.

Property Training Directory - List of Real Estate Institutes

Ready to become a real estate professional?

Browse the list of property institutes below.

Know of any real estate school not listed here?

Go ahead and list it using the form below.

NOTE: Your listing must be at least 400 words to be included in this directory. So write everything you know about this professional institute or tertiary institution and as much as possible about the real estate courses they offer.

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