Real Estate Mobilization Fee Lagos Nigeria - Our Consulting fees

We charge real estate mobilization fee as Lagos Nigeria real estate agents.

The mobilization fee you pay is the consulting fees you pay to engage our services. The good part is that this amount is deducted from the real estate agent commission you pay us at the conclusion of the transaction.

Bottom line.

You don't pay anything more than you're obliged to pay for any real estate transaction with us.

But why do we charge real estate mobilization fee or consulting fees before accepting transactions (or business) you send our way?

The simple reason is that we are real estate professionals. And professionals in any field charge consulting fees.

Doctors charge consultation fees. You have to register and pay for a hospital card before a medical doctor attends to you.

Lawyers charge consultation fees. You cannot engage the services of an attorney without first paying his service charge.

The same applies to us as professionals.

When you pay the real estate mobilization fee, it tells us that . . .

1. You're serious about getting your dream home

2. You want the property of your dreams now . . . not later, not in 6 months time (we work with people who are ready NOW)

3. You have the financial capacity to pay for you dream property when we find it (No one with her right senses will stake her money when she's not financially ready)

We deal with only serious-minded clients who want to make real estate purchase or rental NOW and who have the financial commitment to do so. Our criteria for assessing clients' readiness is willingness to make financial commitment by paying our real estate mobilization fee.

Additionally, it takes a lot work, phone calls, and money (example, transportation costs) to network with property owners or their representatives to locate property, visit the locations to assess their value, and more.

It does not make business sense to do all of that work unless first you secure the commitment of the client who have expressed interest in getting the property in question. That commitment is expressed in financial terms by the client paying the real estate mobilization fee.

So, what's the mobilization fee?

A token. We charge . . .

  • =N=5,000 ($43 USD) for letting
  • =N=10,000 ($85 USD) for sales

    Remember . . . this amount will be deducted from the real estate commission you pay us at the end of the transaction.

    Please note that the mobilization fee is non-refundable.


    The simple reason is that the mobilization fee (or registration fee or consulting fee) you pay is actually spent searching for your dream property. In effect, the consulting fees you pay us is used to offset part of the costs associated with locating and securing the property you requested.

    This means that if you back out of the deal at any time during the transaction, you lose the real estate mobilization fee you paid to us.

    You can be absolutely certain of one thing . . . we are serious business people. Our customers' interests come first. The mobilization fee only guarantees that we are dealing with the right clients in the first place.

    See the payment page for details of how to pay.

    Ready to get your dream home?

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