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Real estate marketing Lagos Nigeria - Real estate marketing is not easy. In fact, the act of selling itself is not easy. That is why salesmen and marketing professionals are paid heavily because there is no point being in business if you cannot sell what you offer for sale.

Property marketing is just as tough as trying to market any other product - online or offline. Your property marketing skills will be fully put to the test. And you will win or lose depending on your resilience, determination, creativity, and your ability to satisfy your customers.

Professional marketers will tell you that there are four sides to marketing - the four 'P' of marketing often referred to as the marketing mix. They are:

1. Product

2. Price

3. Place (or distribution)

4. Promotion

With respect to real estate marketing, the 'product' is the apartment for rent or homes for sale. The rental or sale price is often subject to market forces. For example, it is a well known fact that a regular apartment is more expensive than a luxury apartment. And that exotic and commercial neighbourhoods are more expensive than slums.

However, even within the same neighbourhoods, prices vary depending on the design of the house and the property owner. But generally, certain types of houses, say 3 bedroom flat, fall within a band in terms of pricing in a specific area.

Consequently, a smart landlord who understands property marketing may seek to set the rental price of his house at the lower limit of the price band or mid-way to woo potential tenants and rent faster.

The third 'P', which is place or distribution does not apply to real estate marketing in the sense that it applies to fast moving consumer goods. The really big one for preprty marketing is the PROMOTION.

As a home owner, Nigeria real estate investor, or real estate agent, promotion of your property should be paramount to you. As marketers say, "nobody will say there your are! You have to scream, here I am! to get noticed".

So, it is not sufficient to just build your own home or execute the building construction perfectly. You must give consideration to how to market the property.

Some property developers are very good at promoting their properties. In some cases, many even completely sell off the properties in the estate under development long before it is completed. How do they do it?

They use the power of real estate marketing.

As it is, majority of Nigerians want to build their own house. They are tired of being tenants and having landlords violate their tenant rights. They want to be landlords!

In simple words . . . there is a ready and massive market for real estate. Tap into that market and grab a large chunk of it by employing he smartest property marketing strategies.

Where do you start?

Employ a creative team of marketing professionals. Pay them well and give them mouth-watering incentives.

Your properties will sell faster. You will make money big time. It's a WIN-WIN deal.

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