Real Estate Marketing Strategies Lagos Nigeria

Real Estate Marketing Strategies Lagos Nigeria

Real estate marketing strategies abound in Lagos Nigeria.

Real estate agents and property developers in Lagos use the property marketing strategies they are most comfortable with to promote the properties for sale or rent in their portfolio.

Below is a quick summary of the different real estate marketing tools that Lagos Nigeria real estate agents and developers use:

1. Distribution of real estate marketing hand bills

2. Billboard advertising (mostly used by real estate developers)

3. Radio adverts (mostly used by real estate developers)

4. TV adverts (mostly used by real estate developers)

5. Word of mouth advertising

6. Creation of real estate web site to show-case properties for sale and rent in their portfolio

7. Facebook real estate marketing to find potential buyers (or property clients) through Facebook

8. Facebook real estate advertising software with in-built sales campaign management and performance tracking

NOTE: The real estate sales training manual provides a step-by-step guide for advertising properties on Facebook.

Categories of Real Estate Marketing Tools

The 8 real estate marketing strategies mentioned above can be divided into 3 categories:

Category #1: Low cost property marketing strategies

Category #2: Medium cost marketing strategies

Category #3: High cost real estate marketing strategies

The low cost property marketing options are:

1) Hand bills distribution

2) Marketing through word of mouth

3) Creating a content-rich real estate web site

4) Facebook advertising

The medium cost real estate marketing strategies include deployment of Facebook real estate marketing software, which offers sales campaign management and performance management.

High cost property marketing strategies include:

1) Billboard advertising

2) Advertising on radio

3) Advertising on prime TV

Real Estate Marketing Strategies - Cost Versus Results

The purpose of real estate marketing is not simply to engage in marketing activities.

The goal of property marketing is to actually make sales.

Therefore, whether you are a small time real estate agent or big time real estate developer, you want to adopt real estate marketing strategies that actually close deals for you.

Yes, you want real estate clients buying from you!

Since your goal is to get more real estate clients, you must match your marketing cost with the expected results from the marketing strategy under consideration.

For example, printing hand bills is cheap. And employing a handful of direct sales people to help you distribute those hand bills, month after month, on every street around your preferred neighbourhood may still not be too expensive for you.

But what is the expected result from handbill distribution?

The truth is . . . the conversion rate of hand bill distribution is very low because most people who will receive the hand bills will be people who either may not be able to afford the property or are not inclined towards buying a property just yet.

No wonder many business people stop distributing hand bills after a few months of trying and finding that they are wasting their money because they get very little sales (or ZERO SALES) after months of distributing hand bills.

What about billboards and TV marketing?

Real estate marketing strategies that involve billboard and TV advertising cost a lot of money. And yet they do not produce enough property sales to justify the high cost.

Think about it.

How many times have you seen a billboard (or TV show) advertising a product and you went out of your way in search of that product?

It is likely that you have rarely done that. And that is the same for millions of people.

Bottom line.

If you're looking for cost effective property marketing strategies, billboards and TV advertising is not the best solution to achieve the results you desire.

Real Estate Marketing Using A Real Estate Web Site

One cost effective way to get real estate clients for the properties you have for sale or rent is by building a popular web site.

Unfortunately, building a content-rich real estate web site that attracts targeted leads and clients could take years.

In fact, many real estate agents who jumped on the "let me create a web site" band wagon have discovered that it is not easy to build a popular web site that brings paying real estate clients.

Several years have passed since many of them launched their real estate marketing web sites and they are yet to get even one paying client through the real estate website.

Bottom line.

Building a real estate web site and expecting free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing may not deliver the desired result as fast as you want it.

Social Media Marketing Solution For Getting Real Estate Clients

Want to get real estate clients RIGHT NOW and on a regular basis?

I recommend advertising the properties in your portfolio using a social media marketing solution.

The biggest social media marketing platform around is Facebook.

So, if you want a cost effective way to find potential buyers (or property clients), then use Facebook advertising.

Advertising your properties on Facebook will give you a better return on your real estate marketing investment.

Advertising On Facebook - The Two Options Available

There are two options open to you when you decide to advertise your properties on Facebook.

Option #1: Read the real estate sales training manual and use the strategy discussed there to advertise your properties on Facebook yourself.

We call this the Do It Yourself option.

Alternatively, you can use option #2, which is the Do It For Me Option.

If you choose the Do It For Me option, we will handle all of your Facebook property advertising needs for a small fee.

Click HERE for a demo of our Facebook Marketing Software

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