Real Estate Marketing Software Lagos Nigeria

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Real Estate Marketing Software Lagos Nigeria

Real Estate Marketing Software For Social Media Marketing:

Many real estate agents have jumped into Facebook advertising because of the low cost of advertising offered by the Facebook social media network.

Unfortunately, a huge chunk of real estate agents advertising on Facebook are complaining of low conversion rate and poor sales.

Yes, the cost per lead is low on the Facebook social media platform. But if you keep advertising again and again without actually getting those leads to buy from you, then you will spend so much money on advertising and still get very low sales (or even zero sales).

What could be the cause of this low conversion rate for real estate Facebook ads?


Real estate is a high value item. Many properties cost hundreds of thousands of Naira . . . even millions of Naira.

Consequently, most people do not buy real estate on a whim.

Therefore, you need to offer them superior value for them to trust you and consider buying property through you.

This means a one-time view of your real estate marketing ad is not sufficient. They need to interact with your business again and again. So, you need to build trust with them through multiple channels before they consider buying from you.

But how do you accomplish that?

You simply use a real estate marketing software.

The Best Real Estate Marketing Software: Facebook Marketing Software

The secret to getting more real estate clients and closing more real estate deals is to employ Facebook real estate marketing software for your business.

What does a Facebook marketing software do for your real estate business?

A social media marketing software (also called Facebook marketing software) helps you:

1. Build a database of prospects who contact your business through your Facebook advert

2. Communicate your portfolio of properties (and other business info) with prospects even while you sleep

3. Provide 24/7 support for prospects

4. Re-connect with prospects again and again to share valuable real estate insights with them

5. Keep your business top-of-mind of prospects

6. Take them through your proven sales process that leads to closing the sale

7. Run sales campaigns to nudge prospects to make the purchase now (not later) and

8. Track campaign performance so you know how much money your real estate marketing investment is bringing to your business

The good news is this . . . you don't need to go in search of the best Facebook marketing software to use for your business.

Erimama Investment Company Limited, a company based in Lagos Nigeria, provides a Facebook Messenger real estate marketing software that meets all of the above criteria.

How do you implement our Facebook marketing software as part of your performance driven real estate marketing strategies?

The first step is to test the software to understand how it helps you run sales campaigns that help you get more real estate clients for your business.

Fill the form below for a demo link of our Facebook marketing software.

Facebook Real Estate Marketing Software Demo Lagos Nigeria

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with Facebook Inc. And our software is not endorsed by Facebook Inc. Our Facebook marketing software simply send potential clients from Facebook to businesses in Lagos Nigeria.

Fill the simple form below to get the Facebook marketing software demo link.

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